Puddler Jumper

by - Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring is in the air.... we can feel it. In California, that's meant lovely 80 degree days in February and now a sudden and massive downpour of rain. It has rained for two weeks straight now, not like I'm counting or anything.

Erick and I were talking about it, and it's all very interesting to me. It's as if the crazy weather we're having all around the world is a means of the earth healing itself. In California especially, this crazy drought had finally reached a dangerous peak and now we've been pummeled with rain by the coast and snow in the mountains... my heart feels like it's the earth finding its own balance in some way. We humans can be quite nasty!

Sure, we're sure missing our beach trips, but for now, barefoot puddle jumping suits us just fine.

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