Saturday, March 12, 2016

Made It To Another Weekend : The Table

Oh, weekend. We are so happy you're here. It's been a doozy lately. I won't put you through the pitiful details, don't worry-- but I'm just happy to exhale a little bit and am welcoming these days of togetherness with open arms. PS- look at me using unfiltered iPhone photos in a blog post. Who am I? Sometimes I don't even recognize myself. Truly a measure of just how exhausted I really am both mentally and physically ;)

And while I've been seriously down and out in every other area of my life, we've actually been doing some pretty cool things at home. I'm so proud of Sofia and her desire to soak up new information, to learn, and to think of me as a pretty cool "teacher". I'm so in awe of everything she does. But this is all part of the inevitable fact that these kiddos of ours are growing up. 

Most days we'll do some kind of worksheet, practicing our letters and cutting skills and getting to color.... other days we'll just spend time outside picking up sticks and searching for animals and treasures. California has so many eucalyptus trees! Did you know that? When you split a leaf open and hold it up to your nose ahhhhhh the smell is about as pure and mesmerizing as you'd expect. It was such a wonderful surprise to find them growing along our hikes.

And what weekend wouldn't be complete without brunching? One huge aspect of leaving Chicago (besides leaving our dearest friends and family) was losing out on all the amazing food. I'm a huge food person, no denying that. Always have been, always will be. I'm the type of person that grabs my fork with gusto, usually breaking something or staining my shirt over my sheer, undeniable excitement over all the deliciousness I know I'm going to shove into my mouth. Food is meant to be enjoyed, savored, dreamt about.... you see? It's a feeling.

So, on to finding these new restaurants. For the past five months now that we've lived here in the south bay, we've had horrible luck finding anything that could come close to our favorite breakfast joints back in the city - that is, until today. Thankfully, The Table in Willow Glen puts me in the mind of Little Goat (our most favorite joint in Chicago). Finally! Somewhere to indulge in. Annnnnnd they have bottomless mimosas that they're eager to refill. Just sayin.

I sure am the luckiest, aren't I? With these three by my side.... sigh. We sure have been through a lot lately, and more than ever I am just so thankful for these days filled with nothing and everything all at once. There is so much joy in lazy days, late afternoon naps, cuddling together during movies and sharing meals around a table.

I love them, I really do.

Sending lots of happy weekend magic your way........ xxx



  1. Currently I'm using phone photos on my blog too - don't feel bad! Such a lovely post - I loved your description of a food person. I'm 100% with you on that!

    Glad to hear you're taking some time to just chill with your special people x

  2. 'Cuddling together during movies and sharing meals around a table', two of my favourite things. x


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