Hello, It's Me

by - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

* screeeeeeech.... opens door *


Are you in there?

I'm baaaaaaack! Holy shnikeys! It's only been a good two years or so. Talk about a blogging hiatus. So, after many many failed attempts at fancy Squarespace sites and having absolutely zero direction on which way I wanted to go, I found myself right back here. Good 'ol blogger. Good 'ol free simple template. Good 'ol feed with all my old friends. It's been a long, long time. And it feels weird! But I'm dusting off the cobwebs anyway and just writing because I need to.

Plain and simple.

Now, a few things-- the blog title is a bit different. My kiddos are nearly three and five years old so diapers [thankfully] are a thing of the past. Hallelujah! And if you haven't heard, folks, skinny jeans are out. They're done! Bring on the bellbottoms, culottes and 90's fashion revival. You heard it here first, everyone. Just wait. 

Also. Growing up. I kinda laugh at how much I've changed as a person and how much this blogging world has changed in general over the past five years. All the fads and the advertising and the product pushing is still very well and alive, but goodness it does not affect me any more and THANK YOU sweet jesus for that. Now if any of y'all are still on that vibe, I still love ya. I'm just sticking to my unfiltered mess of words and photography. I wanted to pick up where I left off because even though I cringe reading these old posts, I couldn't bear to ever lose these old photographs into the dark void of cyberspace where all the dead, forgotten blogs end up. That was my life back then, and it's important to my journey. My intentions are simple: preserving memories and refining my craft, both in words and photos. I'm documenting in the only way I know how. Authentic, true, messy, me.

Thanks for stopping in, growing with me, taking the time to comment, or just being a friend. 

Love! xxx

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  1. hello from the other siiiiide!

    Did I really just quote Adele. I guess I did. It's so lovely to see you're back. I have very similar thoughts to you about the blogging world - it can be so big and busy and, lets be honest, pushy, but still it's nice to have the freedom to just write what you want, when you want, and I have to say, I've missed the connections I have with other similar people in different parts of the world. The blogging world has its drawbacks for sure, but also a great many benefits.

    Anyway, it is so nice to see you back! x

  2. Adele! I was actually thinking the same thing in my head... I totally left the door open for Adele jokes on that one ;)

    Yay, so glad to be back.

    I missed our chats! x

  3. I was so surprised to see a 3 next to your blog feed this morning! Hello dearest. Good to see you 'round these parts.

    1. It feels so weird, but I just missed it so much :)

  4. Such a wonderful surprise to see new posts in my feed! It's been 2 1/2 years since I posted anything. Ha! I miss how blogs used to be - real and personal. No sales pitches or pretending to be experts at anything. Just shared thoughts and experiences. Your return gives me hope for a revival. ;)

    1. A revival would be amazing - I sure miss the old blogging days. It feels good to write again. Thanks so much for stopping in. Made my day :)