the sling diaries volume iv: dreams

by - Friday, December 27, 2013

in the quiet of your heart, you will hear them.
little wild moments, free of judgement and fear.
they are authentic, sweet girls, and they are yours.
no need to be embarrassed; don't be pressured into shame.
deep, deep, desires and your hopes of life and change.
dreams in the night sky, dreams at the sun's rise.
twirling through your headspace,
everything your heart says,
v i b r a t i n g  w i d l y,
jotted down on a page.


i've been thinking a lot about my own dreams lately, the things i've been lucky enough to accomplish this year and everything i hope for 2014. the sling diaries experience has brought out the creative side of me that had been pushed to the back of my mind for a while. it has inspired me to bare everything - to have the confidence to believe in myself and manifest some of my own treasured visions to light. to contribute to something even bigger than myself. to help others. to believe that the only person standing in my way in this great big world is me. thank you, as always, for following our journey and listening to my words.

i'm wearing alba in the sakura bloom essential linen in blackberry/plum ~ similar here
photos by my love, erick

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  1. I love these shots, Kate! And what beautiful words. Dreams keep us going x

  2. beautiful photos, love the last one. i often wonder how far i'd stretch if i weren't standing in my own way. looking forward to reading about your adventures in 2014!

  3. So beautiful Kate! The ability to dream without inhibition is such a gift. Wishing you a new year filled with such dreams lovely soul xxxx

  4. these words are just lovely Kate. May you continue to open your soul up, release your creativity and be who you are, all with family by your side.

  5. Oh I love this! And what a cool back drop! You are all looking oh-so-lovely. Such beautiful words accompanying such precious moments xo

  6. Such a beautiful and inspiring post Kate! Thank you so much for sharing the love, joy and dreams in your world.
    Sophie x

  7. I love the photos of the three of you!

  8. beautiful, its nice to see you in the picture for a change :)

  9. Nice to see your lovely face in these too. Beautiful colours and words. Happy New Year!