by - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hi, friends. It's been busy here! I haven't checked in much because I've been completely immersed in a few exciting projects that will be launching very soon. Normally, this time of year has a slow lull; my happy carefree mood from summer will typically fade to the background leaving me a bit blue when the air begins to turn cold. With the new moon / hybrid solar eclipse of November, I felt something shift inside of me ~ a new opportunity to shed any negative thoughts and feelings and truly let go. It was all encompassing, and still is vibrating within me, radiating from the inside out. Kindness is easy and the interconnectedness to those around me feels stronger than ever. I had said a few quiet prayers and manifested dreams to start becoming reality. It's taken some (a lot) of courage and loads of dedicated time, but I can feel the universe shifting... can you feel it too?

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  1. I do know what you mean actually. And I'm happy for you and your new sense of freedom :)

  2. I feel it. I truly do. I have felt a change in me over this week as well and it excites me! Heres to new beginnings!

  3. You sound so inspired... so good to hear x