alba avocado

by - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November, 2013

I am trying to become better at documenting the every day things, the big things, like first bites of avocado. At the tail end of six months Alba started to show interest in what we were eating.  It started by reaching and grabbing, and now that she can sit unsupported and hold on to things fairly well, we let her take eating at her own pace and watched as she led the way. Skipping cereals and purees altogether, she'll grab and try things here and there as she feels like it. I had a bit of extra time to throw a quick edit together (and I am nowhere near as good as Erick) but still, it's simple and just the way I had imagined.

To keep a memory.

(I think she liked it!)

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  1. this video is really cute! and i'm impressed she likes avocado! i tried to give it to my daughter when she was a baby but she hated it..
    lu x

  2. so incredibly sweet.
    love the music you put it to!

  3. absolutely gorgeous... I just love those expressions when they're experiencing brand new sensations for the first time x

  4. fantastic! you are giving her such a gift letting her explore the world through her senses! hooray!

  5. We went this same route with our second and it's the number one thing I say I wish I would have done the first time around. So much easier for us moms and so much better for the babes. And that video is adorable... you'll going to love watching that a year from now when she's using a fork and spoon with ease! Super cute post.