Saturday, September 14, 2013


" A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013. "


Sofia: Sweet thing, we've had a rough week. We've both gotten sick, you've fought me over naps, and thrown yourself on the floor to prove a point more times than I can count, unfortunately. This is an age where I keep seeing myself over and over again with my own mother, butting heads like there's no tomorrow yet loving each other unconditionally through it all. You are a challenging little squirt, but you are full of so much endless love that sometimes I just don't know what to do. I love you to the moon and back, even when you're mad, especially when you're sad, and will forever be chasing after you.

Alba: Squishy toes, wrapped in your papa's arms. You, my sweet little lady, would prefer to be carried for 90% of the day, pulling on our clothing, grabbing at papa's watch, (a thoughtful gift from RedEnvelope) or drooling to the point of multiple outfit changes a day. Sometimes, you want to be held 100% of the time. It's the greatest thing in the world to feel so loved and needed by you, and you are absolutely in need of some extra cuddles. I'm beginning to think we're in a growth spurt again judging on your non-stop appetite. All I can say? Bring on. The chunk.



  1. Oh you poor dears. I can't imagine how tired you all are. Despite it all these are absolutely gorgeous. Truly wonderful captures.

    Hope you all are hanging in there. xo

  2. These photos are too precious! Thanks for sharing!

    The Middle Piece

  3. I have a weakness for wrinkly baby skin, but, oh, chunky mid-thigh rolls... Gosh, they're just the best. Love these shots, Kate.


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