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35/52 | why I'm not concerned over being a good blogger

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."


Sofia: Those weren't your toys, but you stared at the little boy until he offered to share them with you.
Alba:  Our dark-haired spring child has turned into a proper strawberry blonde. You sure enjoy your Papa's company. I do too.

Girls:  I've been soaking up every last bit of the two of you lately, so much so, that I have completely neglected this space here. To be honest, this "blogging" world can sometimes bring so much unnecessary stress and anxiety over the simple joy that it once brought me.  I think a lot about that very day I started this blog, pregnant with a bouncing, tiny babe dancing around in my belly for the first time.  I was nervous, and I was looking for a way to document my own transformation into young motherhood.  I never dreamed I would get to a point where it wouldn't just be me and my family reading over my past entries, getting a peek into our life, reading about my views and take on this world.  Of course, I am most grateful to have met so many amazing people along this journey, and also that so many of you still come by this space to read along.  I've felt more stress and anxiety over these past few weeks more than I have in a while, the popularity and cool demeanor of those bigger-blogger powerhouses that completely encompass my social media circle; sometimes, it's as if I can't escape it at all. This is why I've shut-down and logged out for the past few weeks and it has felt amazing to not be tied to any expectations or deadlines, losing sleep over whether I've scheduled a post or feeling sorry that I never have enough time to write.  I am not a popular blogger, but once I had a dream that I would really make a difference in the lives of young mums in this community. To create entertaining, educating, beautiful posts and content takes a tremendous amount of time.  More time than being a working, exclusively breastfeeding mother of two can offer me at the moment.  I am first above all things a wife and mother. I only have one day out of the entire week I can spend together with my entire family due to our conflicting work schedules, and you know what? I miss my husband.  Instead of staying up late to try and schedule blog posts, I'm trying to take that precious time when the girls are sleeping to snuggle up and watch a movie with Erick, or just sit and unwind, talking about our often crazy workdays.  I guess I just needed to finally let that out, to relieve some of the weight off my shoulders.  This isn't an end to blogging, but this is most certainly an end to trying to "keep up" with the joneses.  We're taking life at our own pace.  One that allows me to enjoy the experience of living, and not just documenting it.


  1. Love this, Kate. I often feel the same way about blogging. For what it's worth, I think you can still make a difference in young mothers' lives while blogging occasionally (or even not at all). Enjoy your slower pace ;)

  2. I am so with you. xo

  3. I say yes! Your space is marvelous & enviable, but blogging shouldn't be a stressor. Nor should it take time away from your precious ones. xxoo

  4. OH MAN, thank you for saying this! :) First of all, your blog is beautiful....whether you update it every day or every other month. I really appreciated this post because it's something that I have been mulling over and struggling with lately. My blog was a breathe of fresh air when I started it and pushed me, and made me feel so much more alive...until I started measuring it and it just felt like a stressful burden at times. We do this to ourselves. It's good to take a step back. And then when we come back we can enjoy it again and use it for what it is...a tool for ourselves and a way to share. Doesn't have to be any bigger. :) And yup, ha...just by this post you are making a difference in other mother's lives. Thanks for sharing your sweet family xo

  5. You really made a difference in the life of this young mum. It's been awesome to go right along beside you in my own transformation into motherhood. Especially in the early days when I questioned everything that I was doing. <3

    Take as much time as you need and enjoy that family, beautiful mum! You've always been one to keep your priorities straight.

    (I've often felt the same about the bigger-blogger powerhouses. I love your blog much more than those other bloggers) ;)

  6. Love this, Kate. Love your blog, your sweet family, and your love for all of them. You have your priorites straight and for that you should never feel guilty or stressed. I don't even have kids or a spouse, but with the whole shop launch and trying to create a thriving business, I totally get how blogging takes a backseat. And you know what? I'm finally becoming okay with it. My blog is my blog, just as yours is yours. Only we get to decide how often we post and what those posts look like. You just keep doing your thing and being the awesome and inspiring person you are, and I'll keep reading for, you know, ever.

  7. I love your blog and i totally understand what you mean. Its amazing how much time it takes to write a post, not to mention take photos, edit them and resize them for web. Looking forward to seeing you back here whenever you feel like it x

  8. oh darling, I hear you! I don't know why we feel that pressure at some point? but we do and I am positive it happens to put everything back into perspective. where it should be - which is on the couch with your lovely husband or just being with the girls. I have reached that point too and it feels good to not feel like I SHOULD be writing a post when there is nothing there to write about or my heart just isn't in it. our smalls and loved ones are number one - and even though you are too hard on yourself for not being here as much as you may have wanted to be - this space is one of my most very favourite to visit. whether you've posted once a week or once a month, I don't care. life SHOULD get in the way of blogging. that's the right way to blog xxx

  9. You, lovely lady are one of this world's treasures and I salute you for your commitment to your beloved ones. I adore your space and will continue to enjoy reading when the joy of life brings you back here. Drink up the everyday bliss. Much love :) xxx

  10. I love your space whenever you get time to post being with your family is so very important. Enjoy your time with your gorgeous family. Love that photo Alba up in the air with her cute little spiky hair, so so cute. Take care lovely. xx

  11. I could have written those exact words - in fact, I sort of did, in a round-about way and much less eloquently!, a few weeks ago. I've come to accept that there are distinct seasons in life, and to give in to the ebb and flow rather than fighting, pushing, fighting. I keep telling myself there is no point fighting to 'keep up', as what I produce will not truly come from the heart. Enjoy the down time lovely Mama xxx

  12. Truly beautiful post.. And as I sit here waiting for our little one's arrival I can completely understand the exact feeling that you have expressed so beautifully. Thank you so much, I love your honesty, it has inspired me so much experience life and everyday moments rather than letting them pass by.
    Sophie x

  13. Kate you've written what many of us think and feel. I'm the only parent that Sunny has and I'll be damned if I choose my space over spending time in the real world with my baby :) Enjoy your lovely little family and we'll all be back here whenever you drop a line however long that takes :)

    Sophie xo

  14. You all have no idea how much each of your responses means to me, I am eternally grateful. I never knew how common of a feeling this was - it sure is an ebb and flow, isn't it? I'm finally starting to come out of that dark place, with a renewed sense of self and appreciation for what's truly important xx

  15. ah the blogging world. mine is also a seasonal relationship. i love and hate blogging depending on what is happening in my world. the one that trumps all. we are here reading your blog because you are amazing. not a competition, but you are very good at sharing and making us other mamas feel good. hugs. enjoy cuddles over laptops. xx

  16. just come across your blog now and i totally agree with you. i currently have a photography blog which i truly love, however i sometimes also feel unnecessary stress to schedule posts and whatnot. i think that you should definitely focus on the littles and your husband, life is far too precious to let it pass by in a flash.

    much love

    kate xo

  17. Kate, I completely agree with everything you've mentioned and I love how you're being so open about it. when I first started blogging you were one that I first fell in love with (your blog that is, hehe) and to this day I still get excited whenever I see a new post from you on my bloglovin' feed. you're babies are beautiful and I've embarked on the journey somewhat with you! however, it's true how quickly time passes by and how precious it really is. embrace it mama!

    mama daze blog

  18. Well said.

    Though I should add, you absolutely ARE making a difference with young mamas. I find your blog so inspiring, and your genuine character always shines through. Glad to see that you have your priorities straight! :)

    xoxo Lauren

  19. Love this and love you! Keep on loving those babies and sharing your life when it works for you and your family :-)


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