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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013."

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Sofia:   We're experiencing the last of the joyful days of summer together, riding around on Papa's shoulders and feeling the wind in your hair. We've been talking a lot about this beautiful city of ours lately, whether we could picture ourselves moving up north in a very tall building or moving further south where we'd have a yard and the safety of a neighborhood. You're so curious and so adamant to walk by yourself and "no!" you don't want to hold mama's hand one bit. You make me nervous, and you make me smile. Experiencing two and all the quips and quirks that go along with this silly age has kept your father and I on our toes with our thinking caps firmly on.

Alba:  Ball of squish, our newly-turned three month old. These past months have absolutely flown by and I often find myself scrolling through folders of photos from your birth, your first bath, and the week we took you home. Just like your sister, you're changing so much already. Being back at work and spending a few days a week away from you has been hard, but knowing you have smiles and goos and coos that you've reserved specifically for me have made all the difference in the world.  Also, you have just about the yummiest cheeks I have ever seen.


  1. oh that ALBA! cheeks galore! so so glorious! I swoon for all your photographs Kate. They are so special. xo

  2. Oh my goodness I just wanna squish those cute cheeks! They grow up too quick!

  3. my goodness, i'm thrilled to see alba is looking so much like sofia. they're a cute pair ♥

    those cheeks really are something to brag about!

  4. That ball of squish is just too, too much! Reminds me so much of my own ball of squish.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous. I love how you capture things so naturally. Love your blog. It's beautiful. x

  6. There's lots of buzz about the end of summer and feeling fall in the air. It's making me jealous :) This is my absolute favorite time of year in the midwest.

    Two's are so much fun and have given me so much angst. Olive has such an adventurous spirit. She would take off running and never look back. She still doesn't like holding my hand but has gotten better about it around traffic. May your feet always be quicker than Sofie's <3 :)

    How do you get anything done with Alba's cheeks so close by?! I would spend the entire day cuddling her. :) You have two gorgeous girls, Kate.

  7. this is adorable!

    xx Alecia


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