Tuesday, August 06, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia:  I have been so proud of you this week.  You came down with a virus and had to use the nebulizer for the second time already this year. Since the last experience, you completely surprised me and were such a good girl at the doctor's office. You didn't cry, you sat still, and fell asleep in my arms before we even left the office.  Thankfully, you're much better now.

Alba:  Since it was World Breastfeeding Week, how could I not celebrate by showing you as you are now, nursing as you please, preferably wrapped up next to me.  My biggest challenge has been keeping you out of your sister's germy grasp.  Keeping a virus from spreading to everyone in the family is tough work!

As always, joining in with the lovely Jodi.



  1. Kate, these might just be my favorite portraits from you, absolutely beautiful, and such sweet moments captured. So glad Sofia is feeling better now, it so sad to see them sick.

    Happy World Breastfeeding week to you and your sweet little one! xx

  2. beautiful photos! Love the breastfeeding in the sling! Happy Days as a breastfeeding Mama!

  3. I love Sofia's smile in this image, she looks like she is up to something. ;)

  4. Sofia's fringe looks just darling! And any breastfeeding picture steals my heart, so beautiful!

  5. i cannot get clementine to nurse in the sling, or really anywhere that's not at home. in our bed. so frustrating!

    sweet shots of your gorgeous girls.


  6. Sofia looks so very cheeky. And <3 that breastfeeding pic.

  7. love these two shots, mama!

    i haven't been visiting blogs as much lately but to do some catching up here has just been beautiful and sweet. hope you, your babies (and you're man!) are well!


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