the return to work | an introduction

by - Friday, June 21, 2013

While it has been a magical few weeks being a stay-at-home mum, I have my feet planted firmly on the ground with the realization that my return to work is quickly approaching.  Much too quickly, might I add. I wish I could say I've taken this whole time to rest, recover, and lay happily in bed snuggling my newborn.  However, my role as mother, and the boundless love that comes with it, stretches to more than just one precious little girl - two of them, to be exact!

This bittersweet, slightly painful, slightly freeing time is something I've experienced before. With Sofia, I threw myself into the abyss of seemingly endless 40+ hour work weeks. I fought for months to keep up with the demands of breastfeeding and my diminishing supply through broken breast pumps, no privacy, feeling bad about taking breaks and more. Those are memories I don't particularly enjoy revisiting, however, they have taught and prepared me with beaming confidence to tackle the work transition with Alba.

Over my last weeks at home, I will be sharing some things I learned along the way in an effort to help or encourage anyone struggling with some of the same challenges I faced going back into the workplace. While there are some days I wish I could have the full-time job of raising these girls at home and photographing for a living, I am grateful for the opportunity to work, even in administration, while so many in our country are without jobs. I've made quite a few friends at my job - the best of friends, actually.  I met my husband there!  I betcha didn't know that! ;)  When I really look at it, these girls wouldn't be here if it wasn't for having this job, and this is the path I have been given.

"Bloom where you are planted."

My favorite reminder of them all.

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  1. A beautiful reminder, a beautiful attitude. You set such a wonderful example for your girls and for all who come across your lovely space! Hugs to you all, and prayers during this transition.

  2. "bloom where you are planted" love, love, love this. this post is magnificent. hugs to you and your little ones as you begin your transition. xo

  3. it's always a bittersweet going back to the workforce, but i must say, you have such a positive attitude! with that approach you are sure to find balance.
    thinking of you.

  4. I went back to work a month ago when my little one was only a month old. It's so painful to be away but slightly liberating as well. But mostly I miss baby like crazy. Good luck with transitioning back!

  5. Good luck to all of you for this transition. Love your attitude! xo

  6. Such interesting thoughts to read. I'm home with my 3 month old, and I'm not planning to return to the workforce any time soon, or ever in the capacity that I did previously. Being a mum is the most important job in the world. My own mother went back to work when I was 3 or 4 months old. I struggle with that. I think that experience shaped me into who I am, and why I'm staying home. I will resume studying shortly, during his sleeps. I couldn't bear the separation of leaving him every day though.

  7. It's amazing what that work place has provided for some of us lucky ones. Good luck on your return! :)

  8. I am happy that you are transitioning OK to work Kate. While I don't work (I'm technically self-employed as a photographer but I would say being a mama is my 'day-job' ;) ), I understand that sometimes one has to do what has to be done. I'm so thankful every day that I don't have to find a job though, thanks to having a programmer husband we can live in a small town because he can practically work from anywhere. We also work very very very hard at having a very simple lifestyle so that our bills aren't too much (but student debt, oh we can never escape that!)

    Our dream is to find a totally work-from-home position and be able to move to the Washington coast. I love knowing that there are people who will work though and are thankful for jobs, there are so many people who cannot find good work (like my sister back in Florida who has a daughter and has to work two jobs). I'm just so scatterbrained I think I'd fall apart if I had to be a mom and a worker! You're a very inspiring and tough woman, and I'm sure you'll do just fine! Good luck in all of your endeavors!