kids in the kitchen

by - Friday, June 07, 2013

One of Sofia's favorite activities is cooking in the kitchen with me - whether it's helping whisk together the dry ingredients of the beginnings of a cookie recipe, stirring, adding this or that, sprinkling cheese, or watching her Papa flip veggies high into the air from a frying pan. This girl just can't get enough.

A few days ago, we made some cookies to go with our afternoon tea and decorated them appropriately with bits of sprinkles and cinnamon sugar.  We ate on the floor with our mismatched tea-set and took turns adding "sugar" and pouring "tea" and raising our glasses and saying, "cheers!"  Such a simple activity, but one that I know my daughter looks forward to - especially during these busy days when mama is usually occupied with her newborn sister.

Do you cook with your kids in the kitchen?

What are some of your favorite things to make together?

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  1. i just baked with my 17 month old for the first time. it was a hot mess, but so much fun! we made muffins and then nibbled them with almond milk after. such a great way to occupy a good hour of the day!

  2. natalie loves whisking eggs and putting all of our green smoothie ingredients in the blender before pushing down on the button. she insists on these two things every single day! there's nothing sweeter than littles helping in the kitchen!

    i need to put together a real mini tea party too. so darling.

  3. I really look forward to cooking with my daughter. She is just 16 months and doesn't seem to get it yet. Or maybe I am not ready for the crazy mess yet:) She definitely loves being my taste tester though!

  4. The absolute best memories I have of my mum and I ALWAYS are the ones where we've been cooking in the kitchen.
    She used to make scones with me (I got to do the cutting and pinching raisins, which is the best), and she used to make me gingerbread where I would cut the shapes (she bought animal-shaped cutters) and then we would decorate them together afterwards.

    Cooking with your children is honestly one of the nicest memories you can give them, and I can't WAIT to cook with my own children one day.


  5. My daughter (7) loves helping mama out in the kitchen. Such sweet moments :)

  6. I have three young boys, and my middle guy (3 1/2 years) is definitely the most interested in cooking and baking with me. He enjoys making cakes and breads the most, but will stir and measure and break eggs (into a separate cup first just in case he gets some shells in, I can fish them out before they are added to the batter!) and do be happy to do just about anything kitchen-related.

    But some days, I lack the patience and just want to do it on my own without a HUGE mess to clean up! :)

  7. this is so sweet. i look forward to this someday.

  8. Have just found your blog, it is so pretty! Miss 6 is trying to get more independent with baking but mostly we do pikelets, cookies and scones together - I especially like girdle scones as they are so quick! Mr 3 always wants to make gingerbread men, they both love using cookie cutters

  9. My 2 year old is the same. She insists on stirring everything (which means it gets everywhere) and helps to add ingredients. We make bread, cookies, slices and muffins. She likes to help cook too, I give her a bread and butter knife and a button mushroom and she concentrates very hard on slicing it into tiny bits.