by - Sunday, June 23, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia - Running from the tide at our first beach trip of the summer. 
Alba - Doing what she does best.

We fittingly celebrated the first days of summer by taking a trip to the beach, the four of us.  It still doesn't get old saying that! Alba sleeps most of the day until she decides she'd like a snack of milk or realizes gas bubbles are on par with the world ending. Sofia's fear of sand has vanished, and she is determined to swim by herself though she hasn't the slightest clue of how to do it yet. It's amazing watching her throw herself into the water, smile on her face and sand in her hair.

Favorites this week:
• Cole telling his mum to "stop!"
• A beautiful birthday girl
• Eleanor and Felix looking gorgeous in the summertime
• The ever striking Biet

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  1. I am just a little, slightly, bit jealous of your warm beach-y weather!

  2. she is so precious. I've been quite absent over the past wee while but absolutely loving your pictures of sweet Alba and especially the two girls together. Sisters are so special. xx

  3. Oh man. I can't wait to take Lotus to the beach!

  4. these are fantastic! living a good 4 hours from any beach is like a slow form of torture for us when summer comes. little kiddos belong on the sandy shores!

  5. Ah the fear of sand. E was the same, we went to the beach many times with her in socks and shoes and her bathing suit because she couldn't hand the feel of sand between her toes! Jealous of your sunshine, it's freezing here!

  6. Oh Kate your pictures are, as ever, simply stunning. Sofia's joy shines through x

  7. Snuggled in with Daddy, so sweet x