by - Thursday, June 20, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia - If I come to wipe your face you'll naturally tell me "no" and run away.  If I give you the wipe to do it yourself, I've found you happily oblige.
Alba - Our little mayflower has found her hands - quite the adorable thing to watch in the early morning.

Nearly (a week!) late on this round? Who have I become?! Clearly not one who is ever on time to the party - let's just say I'm happily embracing it. ;) I haven't had the opportunity to pull out my "real" camera as much as I had hoped, but it will be getting lots of use this weekend when I head straight back into client work with a wedding downstate. All of you just inspire me over and over again with your portraits and I have such a terrible time choosing a group when the next week hits, but I am absolutely loving Jane Mabel's wannabe ballerina, the most darling curls of the ever growing Chloe, and the soft black and white's from Catherine, who continues to blow me away.

Linking up this week with Jodi of Che & Fidel.

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  1. Hello lovely I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while:) I adore that photo Sofia and the little story behind it, I so remember my girls being just like that. And Alba all of that gorgeous hair and finding her hands is so sweet:) Thank you for picking my photos this week, I'm chuffed by what you said since you are such a wonderful photographer. Have a gorgeous weekend Kate. xx

    1. Your gorgeous photos most deserved that mention! No worries at all, love. I've been a bit busy myself ;)

  2. um, sofia's outfit... i want it! in my size that is. and alba's tiny fist is precious. x

  3. Kate your blog is just so lovely. I love stopping by with a mug of tea in hand. Hope your week is breezy and easy. x

  4. Sofia sounds so much like Chloe these days! The life of a two year old, hehe! and sweet, little alba is just too precious! Love both of these shots of your girls!

    Thank you so much for sharing my portraits of Chloe as one of your favorites for the week, I feel so honored! xo

  5. haha my girl does the same thing, if momma have to do it she doesn't want, but when do it by herself she gets so happy, it's so wonderful encourage our kids to be themselves and independent..
    awesome kids and awesome photos.

  6. Also sounds like my little girl. She throws a fit when she sees the wipe going near her face.