by - Monday, June 10, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia - Always keen to help mama in the kitchen.  What you don't see behind that silly smile is her determined desire to fling the flour all over the walls.
Alba - Sweet girl, one month old and growing more and more each day. Chunks!

I've completely fallen behind in blogging (newborn babies tend to take up loads of time) but I'm jumping back in to recognizing just a few favorite posts from last week including: these polaroids from the talented Sisilia, and the vintage feel from this photo of Being Mumma's.

See more fantastic portraits in the series at Che & Fidel

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  1. haha I had to laugh at the flour flinging :) they are both simply delicious! x

    1. Oh, the flour flinging... haha. My kitchen will never stay clean!

  2. Oh so so beautiful. Sweet Sofia's smile may be silly but her impish grin gives it all away (I secretly wish I could fling flour as well). xo

  3. They're both so precious. Sofia's smile can definitely say she's into mischief :).

  4. Oh. She looks like loads of trouble! I absolutely love her sweet little smile.
    Also, BABY SNUGGLES. I need some!

  5. can you believe it's been a month already!?!? also, love sofia's smile x

  6. (oh, love the pairing of sofia and alba's names. i just noticed how great they are "written" together. and surely i'm not the only one who thinks of such things!)

    a favorite of both sofia and alba for me. my, they're real cute.

  7. Oh Kate such stunning little girls you have! Sofia's expression just kills me, so much joy and happiness in her face! xo

  8. I love her Sofia's little smile and Alba's expression. Such wonderful girls.

    & thank you for linking our 52 post, Kate! Hope to run into you in Chicago someday.

  9. Gorgeousness - Sofia reminds me so much of Lotus at the same age. Beautiful eyes and big smile. And Alba, I want to smooch her. Very cute x

  10. Kate your photos are just beautiful. So precious your girls are! Hope you're well. x

  11. I loved every picture here.. wich camera u use? im in love with your blog..