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newborn essentials

With many of my friends and family members all expecting new bundles of joy, (or those of you looking for great eco-friendly gifting options), I have created a list of a few of my most used items in those first few weeks.  It's certainly not everything, but it's a very good start to some of our most used, tried and true essentials.  I'm sure I'll have more to add, and would love to hear some of your favorites, too!


I am happy to report that Alba is a fantastic sleeper at night, and I think that has something to do with her nursing around the clock during the day.  While I've been at home, I've been pumping with a Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced to try and stock up our freezer before returning to work.  When I do end up getting a few hours out, the bottles from Life Factory are eco-friendly, durable, and some of the best I've used through two babies. And of course, who wouldn't love these handmade cloth bibs?


The most complimented item we…


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Sofia  -  Looking on to one of her most favorite stores in the entire world, "Targeet"
Alba  -  Getting a proper diaper change in the back of the car

This week's portraits were late, but with good cause - they are film portraits and needed to get processed and scanned.  I've had the itch before, but medium format has been tugging at my heart strings again so, out came our trusty Nikon 35mm to help ease my longing.  There is just something so magical about not knowing what to expect when you get your negatives back, about sustaining yourself from the instant gratification of a digital portrait. It's pretty neat, I'd say.

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slow days

These days, though blissful and dreamy, seem to have a much slower pace.  We are all taking time to get to know one another, to find our new rhythm, and learn how to fill our new role as family of four.  Five straight days out of the week Erick is working and I'm left alone with one completely rambunctious toddler and a little dove, still so very new.  I try to stay in bed most days (if I'm lucky enough to do so!) and nap with my two girls, read stories, catch up on emails and comfortably nurse.

My mother brought us a few wonderful, home-cooked meals, friends have dropped by with gifts and treats, we've received so many beautiful and thoughtful well-wishes from near and far.  My heart is warmed, and though I may not have had much time to comment or respond, I have read each and everything that has been said, and opened up each package sent with a squeal of delight. We are all individually overwhelmed with gratitude!

On Wednesday, the sun was shining a bit brighter and I c…


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Sofia  -  Giving hugs to your best friend in the whole world, Violet.  I don't think she likes my camera much.
Alba  -  Sleeping soundly in the spring breeze, wrapped in a single layer of linen, close to my heart.

It has been a busy week filled with the perfect combination of visitors, quiet time alone, beautiful spring weather, family and friends.  I am enjoying my newborn bubble and staying close to home. As much as I've been itching to get out and enjoy the weather, we've been taking it nice and slow in regards to introducing Alba to the world around her.  I've been very lucky to have some wonderful people taking care of me, and it has made the transition into being a mama-of-two significantly easier. We are so very grateful and lucky to be surrounded by such a loving village.

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stories of birth : christine fadel

Today i have the wonderful opportunity of sharing a very special birth story from Christine Fadel of The C-Word. Having been so moved by my own recent experience and realizing the sheer power of it all, it only made sense to continue to spread the unique stories of strength from beautiful women around the world. Christine lives with her family in New York City. Her original birth story can be viewed on her blog, here.

what is the most memorable part of your labor and birth experience?

"As far as the most memorable goes, it would probably have to be that my water broke in a bar. I just HAD to have a burger that night for dinner and my husband wouldn't dare say no to me in my current state. I really felt like someone was playing a cruel joke on me. I was an agitated 41-week pregnant woman and I had just been told by my doctor that very morning that I would need to be induced- something I was very adamantly against. I spent that entire day wrapping my mind around the fact that my…


first bath, mother's day 2013

we bathed you in the afternoon sun, warm and snuggled between layers of terrycloth.
your sister gently helped shampoo your hair and wipe the bubbles from your skin.
your papa took your photo as i held you between my hands, still so very little.
your lips, softly open. your eyes, gazing outwards toward the shining sun.
we live for the simple moments - there is no other way i could have imagined this day.
just as it is, just as you are.

a mother.

it's my most favorite thing to be.


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Sofia  -  When you start to get tired, you fling yourself on the floor in exasperation.  Oh, the life of a toddler...
Alba  -  Five days new, and already so infinitely curious.

It has been such a monumental week for me - gearing up to celebrate my first mothers day as mum to two beautiful girls, changing the wording in my 52 series from "child" to "children," managing naps and feedings and diapers for two, and enjoying every last minute of it.  My heart could burst of happiness! I have never felt more incredible in my entire life.

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the birthing of alba mae

From the beginning, this pregnancy seemed so much the same, yet so distinctly different all at once.

I didn't get sick, I wasn't too turned away by my favorite foods, I had occasional heartburn here and there and overall, was able to relax and enjoy the experience.  What was strange was how differently I was carrying - having been told more times than I could count that I had looked as if I had "swallowed a basketball".  I think I was persuaded a few times in my head that maybe this was different, maybe it really was a baby boy.  Yet still, in my heart I had an overwhelming intuition I would be holding another little girl in my arms, someone so very similar to her sister yet so distinctly different all at once.

My little may flower.

Saturday night, the air was warm and sticky.  Sofia, Erick and I read stories by a big window fan in her room trying to distract ourselves from the heat in our upstairs apartment.  We finally caught the ice cream truck in time and Sofia …

little may flower

At 11:36 AM with three sets of good pushes, Alba Mae said hello to the world.

It was Monday the sixth of May, her hair in dark brown mops with Papa's eyes, Mama's lips.

We are home safely and adjusting to blissful life as a family of four.

(Thank you all for your well wishes, happy vibes, and congratulations over the past few days. Our hearts are full! I'm sitting here shaking my head on how I haven't updated my maternity series in a while, and look here we are - baby in arms! I have much more to share with you over the coming days about this incredibly empowering experience... for now, I'm off to have more squishy newborn cuddles. Bliss!)


Everyone was sleeping, I was anxiously tossing and turning in the quiet of the morning.  The sun was barely peeking its way through our window, the air was perfectly cool.  I tip toed to the bathroom, making my way through another contraction.  This could be the day.  I am putting my last load of baby's laundry through the wash, my sink and dishes have been cleaned.  This has been a morning I want to always remember, especially because I think it is leading to a very special someone's imminent arrival.

Friends, I may just be going in to labor and delivery sometime today!

I have the biggest smile on my face and am shaking a bit from nervousness and excitement.  Birth is the most empowering, difficult, and incredible journey I have ever taken and I can't wait to do it again.  If you're following along on Instagram or Twitter, we should have more up-to-date happenings as things progress!

Oh my goodness, this is happening!  Baby De La Rosa, we cannot wait to meet your bea…


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."
The warm weather means eating cake outside in your nicest sundress, still a bit runny-nosed from your quick bout with a cold.  My little girl, my baby, is less than a month from being two years old.  Sometimes I can't wrap my head around that thought, so I've been pleasantly distracting myself with moments like these as much as I possibly can.

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it's baby month!

Hi to all of you!  While I don't normally feel the need to apologize for my absence here, I know how busy we've been lately and the embarrassing amount of weeks we've let slip by as our maternity series comes to a close. Life, as Tahnee puts it, has been taking up all my attention with both the "everything and the nothing," and we are quite busily, and me not so patiently, waiting.

I hope soon to have an announcement on our little bebe's arrival, as well as some refreshed content when I slowly get the opportunity to write again.  There have been so many great things floating around the web that are definitely making this waiting game easier for me, so what a perfect opportunity to share a bit of spring-time goodness with all of you:

• This curried, split-pea soup with coconut milk
• A beautiful dreamcatcher made for a special baby bird
• An incredibly written article on getting to know yourself better
• Gorgeous baby shower decor that I would keep in my home…