Saturday, April 27, 2013

edna adan : giving back for mother's day

I wanted to share a truly incredible project with you that has inspired a great interest of mine - the Edna Adan University Hospital in Somaliland. As the last few days pass by before I will give birth to my own baby, I couldn't help but feel compelled to share how so many women and babies in Africa won't have a safe place or knowledgeable staff to assist in their own childbirth experiences. My friend Lacy from Living on Love has partnered in this project with her friend Jennifer to design the beautiful print you see above to help fund the continued growth of one of the only hospitals in Somaliland making a true difference in the healthcare for women and their babies.

From the hospital:

"The health of the people of Somaliland is among the worst in Africa, with one of the highest Maternal and Infant Mortality rates in the world. Every year, one baby in eight dies in infancy while nearly 4000 Somali women die in childbirth. This tragedy can be attributed in large part to the long civil war which brought about the death or departure of nearly all of the country’s trained health care professionals."

The good news is that this hospital is working to change these statistics and improve maternal health. From educating midwives and fighting female genital mutilation, the Edna Adan University Hospital is making big changes for the people of Somaliland.  What's even better is that limited edition prints are being sold to help fund the Edna Adan University Hospital and its mission to help mothers and tiny new babes receive the care they deserve.  Prints are only $30 from the Living On Love shop, and half of all proceeds go directly to the hospital itself.  I think they'd make the perfect gift for any new mother, or even just to brighten a room - have you seen those gorgeous florals? Swoon!

Purchase your print right here
• Shipping is free within the US
• All prints will be delivered in time for Mother's Day

I sincerely hope, even through seemingly small acts of kindness and charity such as this, that we are slowly building a foundation and awareness for the future healthcare of women where it's needed most.  Together, we can help spread the word. You can use the tag #give2ednaadan anytime you link your project, should you decided to join in too!  



  1. Wonderful post! So thankful for everyone who is spreading the love :)

  2. Thank you for posting this at such a perfect time - I was online last night looking at volunteering for aid organisations (I am a midwife). Edna sounds like such an inspiring woman, striving to make a difference in her area. You have just lit a spark for potential African travels for me!

    1. How amazing! You have to let me know if you end up going, I've always wanted to be involved in something similar :)

  3. this is great! I love it so much!

  4. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I'll have a look at the prints, every little bit goes a long way!

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