Saturday, April 20, 2013


" A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Having a lunch picnic together in the middle of the floor.  Simple and savory with a mix of tangy beans, scrambled eggs, fresh avocado and toast with jam. We both munched and chatted over the speaker playing a mix of some of our favorite songs, you would take "gentle sips" of your juice and I still laugh that you look over for my approval before you grab the cup by yourself.  I love you, I love you, a million times over.  It's all about these little moments and memories we're making.

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  1. So beautiful Kate, nothing sweeter then moments like these with your little ones!! xo

  2. so love this. a little lunch with the little. just so sweet. these small moments are the bread and jam to the sticky sweetness of parenting.
    hope you are feeling well and enjoying your day.

  3. this is lovely. can't decide what i love more - your words or your photo.

    wonderful & inspiring.

  4. love this perspective.

    p.s. not too long to go now! i bet you'll have your bub before i do though. can't wait xx

    1. i wonder, i really do! it's really any day now for both of us. will be thinking of you x

  5. sweet, sweet girl. glad you are soaking her up.

  6. Such beautiful memories! I could have a plate of all that yumminess right now. Hope your week is gorgeous :) x

  7. we have picnics on the floor all the time. this melts my heart! it is all about the memories we are creating and how we can hold on to them.

  8. how did I miss this one? the little stories you tell sofia with each photo make them even more amazing x


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