in progress : the shared room

by - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pops of color on a blank white canvas.  While we have quite a ways to go, we have been busily cleaning, painting and preparing Sofia's old room into a shared nursery for her new companion.  The farthest we've gotten has been a fresh coat of white paint on the walls and a bit of toy organization, but slowly we'll be finishing up and all the unfinished pieces of the puzzle will finally fall into place.  Progress is being made, and I am quite enjoying the relaxed approach we've taken in collecting, sorting and piecing together.  I can't wait to finally share the finished product!

A few favorites we've collected so far:

• the colorful & modern themis mobile
• a wooden rainbow block set
• our replica Eames rocker

You may have noticed I've been taking a little space to breathe, and for those of you still checking in this space, thank you.  I've been bitten by the nesting bug (finally!) and have dipped my hands into as many projects as I can handle - unfortunately, others like our maternity series have been dragging behind while we've given our home a spring pick-me-up.  This week we'll be back in action, and if I'm lucky I might even find that pesky, missing green piece to Sofia's rainbow blocks...

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  1. Looks fantastic, Kate! I love the white. You can really do anything with it. And hurray nesting bug! I've spent my days on the couch reading and napping - too exciting.

  2. It looks so fresh and the white looks so clean making all of those colours really pop. The rainbow puzzle is lovely I wouldn't mind one of those except my girls are too big now :( I love a good spring clean too and I loved to nest as well enjoy your decorating I hope you find that missing piece of the puzzle. xx

  3. it looks amazing so far! my kiddos have the rainbow blocks too -- so versatile.

    1. Bron! Ah! I just have to tell you how much I love your blog, I've been popping in constantly for inspiration as we finish up their space :)

  4. THIS is so lovely. I love that you are letting the canvas of the room be so very open and free. & I love that you are taking time to nest and clean -these things always feels so very essential (& necessary) in these weeks as you slowly get ready for the new wee one. it really seems though that your blog space and your home space are blossoming with the promise of spring and new life. xo

  5. I'm liking the white canvas like look with bursts of colour all around :)Take all the time you can now Kate and enjoy nesting...

    Sophie xo

  6. Gosh I am so hoping the nesting thing kicks in, when will it kick in?!? Maybe I'm just too lazy. Can't wait to see all of your productiveness though :) x

  7. Oh the light in that room is gorgeous! And I'm so thrilled I've sent a particularly rainbow-ey set of gnomes for you..I must have known ;) Enjoy pottering about your lovely home and resting up lovely Kate :) xx

  8. Beautiful Kate, I love the idea of lots of white and pops of color! and that mobile above the crib is so pretty, love it! Enjoy the nesting bug but I hope you're getting plenty of time to rest too. xo

  9. Oh yes please! I love how light and bright this is, like the perfect clean slate for a child's growing imagination. And that mobile is the best.

    Also, I've decided... I'm pretty sure you're having a boy :)

  10. I'm always so interested in how parents handle the shared room situation - yours is going in a wonderful direction already!


  11. So beautiful and airy. Love it.

    Can't believe how close you are beautiful lady!

  12. The white paint is gorgeous!!! If I had my way, our kids rooms would be white too. :)
    Love the pops of colour, and naturally who doesn't love an Eames rocker!?
    Ronnie xo

  13. i love the simplicity of white walls with pops of color. and that geometric mobile? so modern and fun!