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by - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

We've been out and about lately, but this week I am hunkering down on my housework.  I have lots to do before we head off on an airplane to Mexico, and even more on my mind as I'm beginning to plan the little details of it all.  A portfolio site is still in the works as far as my photography, we've purchased the last of the odds-and-ends we need to wrap up these house projects (and nearly took home everything from IKEA in the process), and I'm beginning to sketch out the plans for our garden this year.  There have been more "poop in the bathtub" incidents, continuously falling snow, pants that come off the minute I'm home from work, two-year birthday parties, and some photo booth portraits that have happily graced our presence.  I love this life.

What have you been up to lately? 

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  1. Oh poop in the tub. Classic.

    Also... YOU'RE GOING TO MEXICO?! Did I miss something?!

    1. No you didn't miss anything, don't worry! It's the first I've spoken of it, but I'm shooting an international wedding and Erick is lucky enough to come with. We're making a very short trip out of it... I guess this is our "babymoon" ? ? ! !

    2. awesome! I want a babymoon to mexico ;) I know you guys will have a great time. Also, maybe it's just me but it seems like little Sophia is starting to look more and more like her mama.

    3. That's so exciting and aweeeeesome! Hooray!!

  2. Very busy with our little shop and I wish I could leave my office right at this moment and have as much fun and you guys had in those pictures. Your family looks so beautiful and not to mention your little girl she looks gorgeous :)

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  3. Oh, it all looks and sounds so good (heck, even the poop in the tub)!
    Much more exciting than ours so far this week, roll on the weekend! x

  4. Beautiful. Oh those poo in the tub incidents, while babysitting my niece over the weekends, I know of this all too well.

  5. haha :P poop in the bathtub. at least it's in the bathroom right?
    you seem very busy recently, it must all be very exciting with the house decor and all, I hope the mexico trip rocks! x

  6. Poop in the bathtub = one of my least favorite things in this world. Thankfully we haven't had one of those incidents in a long time! Haha!

    Have a great time in Mexico - sounds like a lovely place to be right about now.


  7. Love every single one of these moments - so beautifully captured.
    And Mexico!?
    Ronnie xo

  8. lovely photos & the glasses are so cool! great look



  9. It sounds like you've been super busy but a good kind of busy which is always the best. I can't wait to hear about your Mexico trip sounds like fun and lots of sunshine too:) Gorgeous photos Kate. xx

  10. Took everything home from IKEA?! Now what am I going to buy? ; )

    I'm so jealous. I can't wait to have our own place to furnish.

  11. Pants AND bra off the minute I walk in the door. Actually, if it were socially acceptable to just be naked *all* of the time, I'm at the point where I'd probably consider it.

    Mexico should be a lovely break from this sudden Chicago winter! Enjoy!

  12. Ah! Mexico- congratulations you guys! Enjoy the trip and your break from poopy bathtubs. We all need a break from that sometimes. Life is so busy and crazy right now.. isn't it supposed to slow down after the holidays?! xo

  13. Came across your blog and have spent quite a long time on here.. :) your photography is beautiful and the moments you capture are so sweet, honest and touching.. enjoy your trip to Mexico, sounds like it is much deserved!

    xo Suzy

  14. Hi! I just came across your cute little corner of this big blog world! I get so excited when I see other blog mamas who are from Chicago because it seems like there aren't many of us. I currently reside in La Grange Park! I also just started a blog documenting my life as a SAHM. I already love your blog and I would love if you would check out mine as well!


  15. Haha! I've never gotten poop in the bathtub (knock on wood!)! I love your photography and how you capture glimpses of your family together. My husband works a full time day job so we don't get as much time to spend on outings but it's nice when we do to try and capture the moments. Very inspiring to do so. Good luck in all of your endeavors and on your new little one!

  16. Over here from Che and Fidel, loved these photos of life in all of its everyday beauty. Enjoy Mexico, sounds like a lovely break from winter. And keep taking those naps, I have two little girls now and I soaked up naptime. =)


  17. oh no!! poop in the bathtub. one of my worst moments of motherhood. hardly anything worst than poop in the bathtub. thank goodness those days are over here.