Wednesday, February 13, 2013

in the city : mca

For our recent week in the maternity series, we headed to the Chicago MCA.  Erick and I both had no idea they had activities and snacks on their "family day" and were pleasantly surprised when we decided to stop by.  It was the perfect afternoon of browsing around with no specific time constraints, sheltered from the cold, Chicago winter and watching our daughter completely enthralled, tagging along her Papa's side.  I stayed on the sidelines a bit just to watch them interact with each other - it's a beautiful thing the love a little girl can have for her Papa.



  1. Father daughter moments are always my favorite, too. (:

  2. There's nothing sweeter than a daddy's girl ; )

  3. Oh I agree about the father/daughter moments. I love it with my daughter and husband and I love capturing it. Sounds like fun though, wish we had more fun things to do around here lol.


  4. What a beautiful picture, and it sounds like you guys had a wonderful day exploring Chicago! I love watching Mike and Chloe together, it's just the sweetest thing to see the love they have for each other!

  5. so awesome! I love the colors. The blue wall and her tiny yellow shoes!
    I love sneaking glimpses of these interactions between fathers and daughters. It melts my heart.

  6. Ohhh isn't it! My girl and her daddy's bnd is even stronger now as he wrangled her while I was with a newborn Pepper. They are so tight :)


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