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bump : week 29

The sun had barely decided to shine its light through our windows this week and besides being completely bummed out, we raced against the clock - already a week behind in our series since returning home from Mexico.  Armed with the last twenty minutes of light and that bed we all practically live in, we made the most of trying to put together a few usable portraits.  I'm consistently amazed at what Erick is able to pull off, even in such a short amount of time!  He has been such a huge support to me always but I think it's been most noticeable on this crazy journey that we call "the growing of baby number two".  Oh, how this pregnancy has been similar, yet so incredibly different all at the same time... boy? The anticipation is bubbling!

And let's just get one more thing sorted:  I am tired.

Winter is drawing to a close, and while I've enjoyed her beauty and the quiet moments spent at home, I am beyond ready to welcome the longer days, sweet-smelling blossom…

mexico : on the catamaran

diapers & skinny jeans travel diaries, 2013.
caribbean sea, mexico - sailing on the catamaya
february 15th

Here is where we swam, snorkeled, barbecued and stayed out late.
The wind whipped through our hair,  and the boat made some of us sick.
We watched the sun set and rode back through the darkness of the sea.


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."
SOFIA:  Quick to pull out the latest treasure found from my luggage, a handwoven colorful serape that was purchased in Mexico.  We have a game we call "casita" where you run and hide underneath a blanket and pretend it's your house - you giggled over and over until you were too tired to keep playing.  We missed you so much on this trip, I still laugh to myself thinking how every night your Papa and I would sit and talk in our bed, thinking about all the silly things you do with the biggest grins on our faces.


mexico : barceló maya palace

diapers & skinny jeans travel diaries, 2013.
puerto adventuras, mexico - barceló maya palace
february 14th - 17th

bump : week 27

The soul is grounded to the pull of the waves, the salt air, the whipping wind, the warm sun.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I imagine myself floating effortlessly in the ocean, my thoughts turn to the warm spring and summer we've all been so anxiously awaiting. It won't be much longer until we finally meet the face of the one still growing, who has already tightly captured a muma's soul, the love of his or her sister, and the heart of a Papa; the one who has already swam in the Caribbean Sea, flown miles and miles through the air and climbed, jumped, explored and moved to music as Erick and I danced barefoot on the beach.  Before, I was afraid to leave the house after Sofia was born - I specifically remember a day where Erick and I swore she was surely breathing in fumes from the cars passing by on the road and ran for shelter until we could calm ourselves down.  We were uptight and worried. We were learning how to be parents.  We both look back on that day and la…

mexico : we're home

Even though we were away to work, we still had a few moments of relaxation together in Mexico - not to mention the huge difference in temperature to appreciate and many frozen fruit smoothies to satisfy baby's sweet tooth.  I have so much catching up to do in blog world, so excuse me while I pop on over to visit you, you, and oh yes you too!  Thank you for all continuing to say hi while we were away and for all the wishes for safe travel.  I read every single one of them!  It was hard having only intermittent wi-fi access but I am happily back to work now at home, sneaking in snuggles from a little one who we missed so very much.  Much more to come...  


" A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."
SOFIA:  We spent the last of our few moments together before your Papa and I's trip to Mexico at our usual favorite spot - the big bed in the evening sun.  I tickled your bare toes and you pulled my scarf from my neck and decided you liked it better on you, covering your face playing peek-a-boo.  We miss you this week little girl.

in the city : mca

For our recent week in the maternity series, we headed to the Chicago MCA.  Erick and I both had no idea they had activities and snacks on their "family day" and were pleasantly surprised when we decided to stop by.  It was the perfect afternoon of browsing around with no specific time constraints, sheltered from the cold, Chicago winter and watching our daughter completely enthralled, tagging along her Papa's side.  I stayed on the sidelines a bit just to watch them interact with each other - it's a beautiful thing the love a little girl can have for her Papa.