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by - Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our last sponsor interview for January is the radiant Olivia from Soul Singing Liv.  This beautiful mama lovingly refers to her family as "the tribe"... and goodness, it doesn't get much better than that!  I was initially drawn in to Olivia's blog through her words, she has the unique ability to share stories from the heart while still keeping such a strong and positive vibe for her readers to take solace in.  She's one remarkable woman who has had quite the year.  Won't you help me welcome this inspiring mama?

And as always, we had a bit of a chat:

-  -  -

What is it about blogging that you love?

I have always thought of my blog as a little treasure box, a place I go at the end of the day to put my thoughts and hopes and ideas down, a place where I cultivate positive energy and love.  Writing is therapeutic for me, it brings me closer to myself and allows me the space to reflect.  I enjoy sharing our stories with others and building a community through the common threads we all share.  There is something so powerful about allowing other people to walk with you on your journey, inviting them to share in your highs and lows.  I value the friendships I have made through blogging so much, the support and encouragement are invaluable.

What is one piece of advice you wish you'd been given as a mom?

I wish that someone would have reminded me to take more videos of my girls.  Though we have thousands of photos of every moment of their lives, I wish we had more videos to look back on.  I hope to be more intentional about that in the future.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by hearing stories, learning more about people, understanding where they come from and why they do things.  I am a life long learner and never grow tired of challenging myself.  I never want to get comfortable, never want to become stagnant.  This world is so vast and the adventures are plenty: I want to live big and bright and with purpose.  Being a mother has inspired me beyond belief: I am so aware of how intently my girls are watching me, learning from my actions.  Their definition of what a woman should be will be connected to their perception of me.  I feel inspired to make that definition count.

Tell us a bit more about you - where are you from?

I was born and raised in a tiny little town on a bayou in Louisiana.  I belong to a very large, very loud Cajun family and my French roots run deep inside my soul.  I grew up surrounded by cousins and chickens and cows, running wild in the great outdoors.  My adventurous spirit led me to join the United States Navy after high school, I served my country for four years and met some of the most amazing friends whom I still consider family.  I also met my husband, the one made for me.  Together we traveled through the Pacific Ocean and lived in Japan in a big house by the sea.  After the Navy, we moved home to Louisiana to live in New Orleans: a young married couple living it up in the Big Easy.  When we were blessed with the news of our first little girl, we made the trek back to my hometown, needing the community and support of family.  And here we stand today: small town life, our own home on four acres, two daughters, 12 years of marriage.  Life is good.

Any projects or special new things you're working on?

I am preparing to take my GRE in the spring and will be starting graduate school this year.  My career as a Registered Nurse inspires me daily and I am so excited to begin this next phase of learning and growth.  We also have big plans for our spring garden and a laundry room renovation.  Home ownership is never dull.

If told to only use three words to describe yourself, what would you choose?

Grateful, soulful, free.  That's me.
-  -  -

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