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by - Sunday, January 06, 2013

Would you just look at that adorable little one? Sigh... it's hard to believe they were ever that tiny, isn't it?  Today I am pleased to introduce to you the lovely Jenna Riley from Honey Bees and Tea Leaves - which could quite possibly the catchiest blog name I've heard in a while.  Jenna describes herself as, "and old soul trapped in a young body," and writes daily about her life as a mom, her family, and shares beautiful tidbits of the things that inspire her.  If you haven't had the chance to visit her blog yet, you're in for a treat.  I'm so happy to have her over on the sidebar for January!

I had the pleasure of getting to know this beautiful mama a bit better, here were some questions asked...

- - -

What is it about blogging that you love?

 I love stories, and I love memories. Whether I become successful or not with the blog business aspect that a lot of us are able to endure, I really just wanted to start blogging for my kids. With our generation and the upcoming, the internet, and media is a demanding part of our lives. I have a journal in which I hand write things to both Ava and Nolan, but I know that they will be able to look back on this forever.  Plus, I really enjoy connecting with other women from all around the world who I can relate to. That has been a huge benefit to my overall experience with the blog world.
What were your favorite (and least favorite!) moments of pregnancy?

Aww, pregnancy... how I'm so glad we will never meet again! Well, I'm not one of those who enjoyed being pregnant. The morning sickness, the fatigue, and the complications were definitely not my favorite. I was one of those who had a series of unfortunate mishaps during my pregnancies. However, once you are able to find out the sex, feel the first time flutters, and put aside the bad and grasp the good knowing the outcome of it all makes it all worth it. Funny as it sounds, my birthing experiences were my most favorite. Experiencing first hand how us women can birth a HUMAN is just beyond any miracle!

What inspires you?

For inspiration of my daily life, God and my kids. They inspire me to be a kid again, and to live life to the fullest without any worry in the world. They inspire me to be a better person, and most of all to love life. However, I must say that a lot of fellow bloggers that I follow are truly an inspiration to me as well. 

Tell us a bit more about you - where are you from?

Well, I'm from a small little town called San Luis Obispo. Fun little fact; Oprah named it the happiest place on earth. Now, I don't know about you, but I always thought that was Disneyland, hehe. It's a small little farm town located on the central coast of California. We have beautiful green rolling hills to the East and the beautiful ocean breeze to the west. We get mad when we get stuck in traffic, mostly because it never happens, and everything is within a distance of 15 miles. A little more about me you can read here.

Any projects or special new things you're working on?

For 2013, I promised myself that I would be more diligent with my blogging. One of the main things that I want to accomplish is giving back and connecting with others. I want to be a resource for help if needed, and a friend to someone even if they are across the country. I want to establish new friendships and partnership! 

If told to use only three words to describe yourself, which would you choose?

Hmm... loyal, sincere, and loving! 

Photo Credit: Honeybees and Tea Leaves

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  1. My family lives 20 minutes from San Luis Obispo, I spent my teen years up that way, no joke. That place really is amazing. You should definitely visit up that way when you come out here, Kate!

    P.S. email me with your ideas and road trip plans, I dearly want to hear I'm so excited!

    1. No way... what a small world! And yes, expect an email sometime soon. Life has been keeping us ridiculously busy (my Christmas cards turned into New Years cards and THOSE still aren't out!) I'm embarrassed even writing that. Sigh...

    2. Completely understand, I didn't even do cards this year for that reason so don't feel badly. I'll be looking forward to the email, but at your convenience - we're all mamas here.

    3. Carissa! No way? Which way? North or south?

  2. South. We lived in Santa Maria while I was there and now they're in Guadalupe - ghetto farmland, I know haha, beautiful beach though! Do you live in or around SLO? I love that area so much! My husband and I want to invest in land up there eventually.