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bump : week 24

Life has been cold and rainy, with bits of snow and ice thrown in for good measure.  We live in what I would consider "typical" Chicago - bricks and alleys, power lines, sirens blaring, and of course, houses built only a few feet from one another.  There are so many wonderful places to see in the city, but my heart still aches for the lush green and open fields of the countryside.  When we finally settle in on a true home, I'm hoping we can compromise somewhere in the middle.  Until then, I am seeing bits of the beauty around me - even if it is fighting to stay alive.


off switch magazine : kickstarter

The big day is finally here - in just a few short weeks, Off Switch Magazine has launched their Kickstarter campaign, updated their new website, and taken a huge plunge... and they need your help! If you've been inspired as I have by the magazine, or if you're anxious to start building your collection, Katie has come up with some fabulous rewards for making a pledge to her project.  I am so, so proud of the hard work that has been put in, especially by Katie, and I know how incredibly important this funding is to the future of her business.

Artists everywhere can understand - when you love something so much and give it everything you have, jumping out into the unknown is always terrifying.  I have faith that even if there are a few mistakes along the way, we get a few bruised knees, broken hearts, sleepless nights... it's all worth it in the end.

Click here to see the campaign!

noticing every day

Sofia - your hair is longer, you've grown a few inches, you're thinning out, your pants are too short.  I'm trying to take it all in - the way we get such perfect late afternoon light or how you love when your Papa kisses your hands. Soon, I'll have another little one and even more to notice! More moments, more love, more tiny breaths and the scent of soft baby skin.

We are supposed to be getting some incredibly warm (though, rainy) weather tomorrow and it looks like I'll have gotten my wish after all.

Are you getting some fresh air this week?


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"
Sofia: Actually seeing and understanding the concept of snow, or "nooo!" for the first time.

Through all of our memories this week, this was most definitely my favorite. The way Sofia cried when I told her and her dripping, red nose that it was time to go back inside was a good indicator of just how much she loved it.  You know, I never thought there would be a day when I could say honestly that a Chicago snowfall had put a smile on my face, yet here we are.  Times are a-changing.

Stay warm, everyone!

(Or if you're in the southern hemisphere, stay cool...)


curious little gifts : a moonbeatle giveaway

A few of you may remember the talented Fritha from Tigerlily Quinn, as I interviewed her a few weeks back on the blog.  She so generously has offered up the perfect little collection of curious gifts from her Etsy shop - Moonbeatle!  I am in love with everything she creates, especially the brand new hand-painted kids tees... aren't they perfect?  Complete with prints, tea towels, plates and a tee for the little one in your life, this is the perfect gift set (maybe even in time for Valentine's Day!) Here's what one lucky Diapers & Skinny Jeans reader will receive:

1. One illustrated Trailer Park Love tea towel, perfect with your morning cup of tea, or to decorate your kitchen. Winner will choose their preferred style - valued at $16

2. The sweetest hand-illustrated plate, just in time for Valentine's Day. Before Fritha, I never knew that an octopus has three hearts! - valued at $12

3. An A4 size, unframed ink illustration of Moonbeatle's Deep Down print. I'm s…

winter : keeping it real

Every Wednesday, it has been a somewhat-tradition of ours to take the family out for brunch and make time for adventures and exploration. When we woke today to a depressingly gray sky and bitter winds, I knew in my heart that it would keep us cooped up inside, yet again.  To say I'm not beginning to feel the pangs of frustration and the "winter-blues" would be a lie, and boy did it hit me a bit harder than I was expecting!

Tick-tick-tick as moments kept passing us by, no work in the house was done and the course of the day had left us irritated and feeling a bit aggravated with where we were at.  I remembered a recent conversation where Erick and I had discussed how just when we think that everyone else out there seems to have it so great, that they're consistently putting out great work on their portfolio or have a picture-perfect home without any washing pile in sight, in reality we're only seeing their highlight reel.  Unless you spend every waking moment wit…

interview : soul singing liv

Our last sponsor interview for January is the radiant Olivia from Soul Singing Liv.  This beautiful mama lovingly refers to her family as "the tribe"... and goodness, it doesn't get much better than that!  I was initially drawn in to Olivia's blog through her words, she has the unique ability to share stories from the heart while still keeping such a strong and positive vibe for her readers to take solace in.  She's one remarkable woman who has had quite the year.  Won't you help me welcome this inspiring mama?

And as always, we had a bit of a chat:

-  -  -

What is it about blogging that you love?

I have always thought of my blog as a little treasure box, a place I go at the end of the day to put my thoughts and hopes and ideas down, a place where I cultivate positive energy and love.  Writing is therapeutic for me, it brings me closer to myself and allows me the space to reflect.  I enjoy sharing our stories with others and building a community through the c…

bump : week 23

The sub-zero weather has kept us indoors, but it hasn't kept us from having the most amount of fun possible.  I've been enjoying hot cups of tea served with teaspoons of sugar and condensed milk, curling up with my favorite blanket and enjoying the tap-tap, nudge-nudge of the littlest De La Rosa.  Though I find myself playing catch up yet again (I'm 24 weeks!) I'm not complaining in the least bit.  I've had this little family of mine all to myself for a full four days with no work, no emails, no agenda and no pressure.  Ahhhhh... happy winter celebration, little baby.

PS- did you know Erick finally launched his website?  It's up, it's responsive, and it's gorgeous.

I'm a proud muma bear.



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."
Sofia: "PREEENKLES!" Having a bit of fun with mama's leftover sprinkles from a different photoshoot.

We have all had so many memories of playing together as a family on that bed.  Since Sofia was a baby we've slept there, played there, read and cuddled there, spent time talking and planning out our future there... it's the center of all things great in our home - and my favorite place to be!


cake for a birthday

Today, Erick is celebrating a birthday.

Never have I met someone with the drive and ambition as this man. (Certainly this is one out of the many reasons I married him!)  And to think it is just a coincidence that he was born on the exact same day as my father, oh it's just too much!  January 19th is definitely a special day in our house, and our wide-eyed and bushy-tailed alarm clock woke us up extra early.  I spent the morning trying to envision the perfect cake while making a batch of french toast for the hungry little clutching to my legs. Coffee in hand, we shared breakfast together and sat at the table like we always do, not being able to imagine my life without this family of mine.  The years keep flying by for both of us, and I know we are looking forward to many more of them together.

Happy birthday, my love.



• 2-1/4 c flour
• 1-1/2 c sugar
• 3-1/2 tsp baking powder
• 1/2 tsp salt
• 1/2 c butter, softened

winter : days at home

One of my most treasured memories about winter is the time spent cuddling indoors.  When we're all together, you can usually find us hanging out in the bedroom: taking naps, getting in tickle-fights, or turning up the tunes and having a dance party.  Sofia will usually request to "fly" (belly on our feet up in the air!) and her shrieks and giggles are enough to make me wish those moments would last forever.  These photos prove it to me even more each day - our little girl is growing up.

Do you have any favorite indoor activities?

Maybe a book together on the couch, cocoa by the fire, or late-night snuggles...  all perfect if you ask me! 

shaken and shifting

Over the last few days I can sense a shift within me - knowing it's partially because of a close call at Erick's job that shook us both to our core.

Never before have either of us had "life flash before our eyes," but since that day, I am reminded at how quickly something could be taken away. As difficult as it is, I've made up my mind to stop focusing on what could have happened and instead rejoice in gratitude for the life we are blessed to spend another day... together.  It was such a strange thing, cars pummeling into retail stores, right? We are just so thankful that no one was seriously injured.

And life goes on.

This morning Sofia woke early and I tried coaxing her into cuddling in a bit longer in the big bed with Erick and I.  We stayed in for most of the day, lounging about and sneaking in a few afternoon naps (growing a human is exhausting!) before heading downtown to shop for groceries. I'm happy to say I've been much better at conscious shopp…

the mallett home

Yesterday I gathered with a few friends to bake.

Fresh scones were dunked in slow-drip coffee, cheesecake was enjoyed out of golden ramekins and lemon tart bubbled and caramelized on the stove. We shared stories and conversation, careful to remember all of the helpful kitchen tips and tricks I had learned throughout the course of the day.  Lately even my days off have been spent working and seldom do I have the chance for a gathering like this - but, when I do, I appreciate my time that much more.  Not too many things are better than stepping out of the house and (far!) away from the cleaning and almighty to-do list.  Abby, Katherine and Catherine, thank you.  It felt wonderful to, quite literally, get our hands dirty in the best labor of love there is - baking.

My day was spent with these bloggers you may already know :

Abbyblujay  |   Gathered Heart