Tuesday, December 11, 2012

starting anew

I have previously celebrated the coming of the newest year by setting goals,  sitting down and reflecting on memories passed, and- of course- thinking undoubtedly that this "was going to be the best year yet!" While I still feel it's incredibly important to give myself some form of direction to propel into the new year, I also have realized that some of the best intentions I had set were often stifled by negative thoughts or past experiences and failures, keeping me from a truly clean slate to work from.  Have any of you ever felt the same?

Taking Time To Recollect

Before attempting to jot down my newest intentions for 2013, I will be taking the coming weeks much slower, perhaps setting aside time to really examine what didn't go right in 2012.  A cup of my favorite tea, a candle lit, the quiet calm of the morning-- all should be enough to encourage a few moments of reflection.  It may be seem counterintuitive to the positive resolutions and happy memories I have, but I don't think of it that way. While I agree it isn't the most pleasant thing to remember the times I might have gave it my all and failed, it's still completely beneficial to bring up those feelings harbored away somewhere, and to acknowledge them.  After all, once the negativity has left, I can see all of the countless, wonderful things that have happened to our family in a much more clear and vibrant light.

Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts

The great thing about acknowledging feelings is that once you've given them the time of day, that's really all that they need, nothing more. There's absolutely no use holding on to mishaps, and oh how good it feels to finally be free of them!  Once a few years back, a kundalini teacher of mine had expressed the importance of a routine purge of negativity. We would write down what was holding us back, honor those feelings for a moment, and then (quite literally!) burn them to ash.  Now, even though I took this symbolic action to heart and sat on the ground of my backyard and set my troubles scribbled on pieces of paper to flame, whatever action would help you release- a good cry, a long bath, a walk outside- is a personal choice left only to you.

Set Intentions with an Open Heart

At this point, I will often feel heaps better knowing I can manifest my intentions for the new year without any past insecurities holding me back. I've since moved unfortunatley far from my teacher, but today as I was reading around the web about friends and family creating their own resolutions for the new year, I was reminded of this practice of "soul cleansing" beforehand.  This year, I will set my intentions with an open heart, careful not to overlook those times my feelings were hurt, when I made a poor decision, or times I was unhappy with myself; whether or not we realize it, or minds will subtly hold on to these moments and they can keep us from flourishing.  I will be free of those empty, nagging thoughts and completely aware of every last blessing we've been given.

This year, I'm excited to say I'm starting anew.



  1. I think that's so true - it's good to take some time to reflect - and to be aware that's what you're doing .. before setting new goals. I for one am very excited to be closing the book on 2012 soon, it's been a strange year in many ways .. but 2013 holds exciting things - lots of exciting things for you too! x

  2. I have also found it therapeutic to burn the remnants of my journaled pages past, harbouring any negativity. Thank you for reminding me of something i need to do before i can continue my journey onward. You are very right about subtly holding on to negative moments.

  3. Beautiful post, beautiful way to start out the new year. It has me inspired to start a little soul cleanse for myself before the end of this month. I can't believe how soon the new year is!

  4. That's what great about a new year, new beginnings!

  5. This is a beautiful post. I too need to take some serious time to reflect and make some goals. I hope the last few days of 2012 are joyful for you!

  6. I love this post, thank you Kate I think this is something I need to do, 2012 has been a bumpy year. I'm looking forward to a new year, to start afresh. x

    Many congratulations on your wonderful news. xx

  7. Such a lovely, gentle way to approach goal setting. I think my 'new year' will actually be in April when I transition back to work (part time - 2 days a week)....might need to recollect and free myself from negative thoughts around that time! x

  8. Yes! I have felt that way. I need to do these things myself. What a great way to end the year and start a new one.

  9. this is definitely what i needed to hear today. i loved this. i really need to practice and do these things. some things have just been holding me back and i love the idea of "literally" starting anew. thanks for the inspiration, kate.

  10. This is exactly what I needed to read today! Thank you, Kate :) I will be doing exactly what you've outlined, including the ritual burning! I have a habit of harbouring fear and negativity, so I know this will be good for me. I'm sure 2013 will be all kinds of amazing for you x


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