Sunday, December 02, 2012

interview : my little loves

This week I am so happy to share another sponsor, one whom I deeply hope to meet in person one day, and gosh... where do I even begin with Bekah?  She is such a strong, beautiful woman and a long time blogging friend of mine, a true kindred spirit.  Bekah, her husband Marc, and their beautiful family lead a natural, genuine, completely love-filled life where they share stories over at My Little Loves that are honest and true.  Out of the countless reasons I find myself drawn to her space, this is my most favorite part of visiting.  So many people can easily lose their authenticity through an internet persona they've made for themselves, but I feel like I know Bekah... you know?

I had the pleasure of getting to know this beautiful mama a bit better, here were some questions asked...

- - -

What is it about blogging that you love?

I love the clarity I get, jotting my own thoughts out. I often start a blog still collecting my own thoughts on something and writing helps me to make sense of them. Community has to be another wonderful part. I have enjoyed getting to know many through blogging. One of my best friends is someone I met through my blog. 

Family seems such an integral part of your life. How have your children and husband influenced your writing? 

My family is everything to me. I actually started my blog so that I would remember. On my hard days, I would have something to come back to and remember where my focus is. I am driven to be authentic and my blog helps me stay true to myself.

You chose the most beautiful names for your daughters, Ocean and Luna.  Tell us more about where those ideas came from.

Marc and I always wanted nature-inspired names for our girls. Marc was the first to suggest Ocean, I initially hated it (I know...) but eventually fell in love with it. We decided on Oceana for a more feminine name but we call her Ocean. For Luna, it was the the opposite, I suggested, Marc hated and then fell in love with it. I think their names are perfect. Knowing that in nature the Ocean and Moon are inextricably linked. And how they describe the girls so well. Ocean, you cannot tame her. She is my wild child. She is also unpredictable but she is wildly beautiful. Powerful. Luna, Luna is constant. She is calm and sweet. She glows with a quiet tenderness. She will be my emotional baby.

Any projects or new things you're working on?

Yes! I want to share...but it is in the early stages. I am working with my friend Doc Waller who hosts the show "On Beauty". We are going to do some fun stuff and I will share as soon as I can.

If told to use only three words to describe yourself, which would you choose?

I always feel awkward doing these so I asked Marc what three words would describe me and he said: Beautiful, Dedicated and Wise.

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  1. Kate, I needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you so much. xoxo

  2. thanks for sharing, i need to check her out!

    xo the egg out west.

  3. I've really been loving guest posts Bekah has been doing places lately! Glad that because of this guest post I found your blog as well. :)

  4. Love Bekah's blog.. so nice to find women with similar hearts and minds.

  5. Oh she has such a beautiful blog! I got goosebumps reading about the connection between the two names they chose for their girls!


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