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what sofia eats : vol 2

//  Blueberry waffles, bananas, grapes, and wholegrain cheerios
//  Strawberries, zucchini bread, and organic banana rice puffs
//  Cheese filled mini-raviolis with homemade tomato sauce, crusty bread, and grapes
//  Homemade meatballs (shown in their preparation stage!) 1/2 grass-fed veal & 1/2 grass-fed beef
//  Fresh green beans simmered with shallots and a boiled egg
//  Banana oat pancakes from scratch with strawberries

A majority of the meals this week have been of breakfast, and you might have noticed a recurring theme here with fruits, the girl definitely has her favorites right now!  We have been trying some old staples like eggs in new ways (boiled) which besides the yolks, she seemed to really enjoy.  I never thought I would feel so great spending extra money, but when we buy grass-fed meats and organic produce, (though tougher on our wallets) I know our money is going toward the health of our family.

You'll be hearing me talk more about the importance of whole foods, good nutrition, and organic living in the coming weeks as I start to incorporate more family-related health posts... hurrah!

Do any of your little ones have their own "favorite" foods they're stuck on at the moment?


  1. Yum! i've been trying to get my little girl to eat fish lately but however I disguise it she's not really into it. Chicken on the other hand... Mind you I kind of prefer chicken to fish so I can't really blame her...

    1. Sofia loves fish when we've tried it, but I just can't stand it... even cooking it is a chore! I leave anything seafood-related to Erick. :)

  2. My daughter just LOVES food in general! I mean what did I spawn? A monster ; )

  3. Eating whole, organic foods is so, so important. It is more expensive, no doubt, but I've decided it's less expensive (and more delicious!) to pay a little more now rather than a lot more later. Good food now = good health now AND later on in life. You are what you eat, period.

    1. I completely agree. So glad to have met others that feel the same!

  4. She is eating so deliciously! I am starting to incorporate organic produce into my meals, and do believe in its importance to living healthier.

  5. I adore these posts Kate - Sage is beginning to show interest in feeding herself so we have been gradually reducing the homemade purees and are now including more solid "solids" into her daily diet, which she really seems to be enjoying. I think she loves the newfound independence too! Thank you for inspiring me to broaden my horizons when it comes to her food choices - I'll be referring back to these posts for sure! xx

    1. Thank you so much, isn't that newfound independence just the cutest? I hope you swing back over, we look forward to keeping this going for as long as we can :)

  6. your little one has a very healthy appetite full of good nutrition. our little girl only eats the egg white and she is forever munching on fruit. it's good to see you encouraging a variety of foods. xo

    1. Well, fruit and egg white seems like a very healthy start to me! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

  7. Kate I can vouch for the organic and wholegrain foods too! There is a difference and not just in price. My problem is that my daughter is not big on meat so I have to find ways to incorporate iron amongst other nutrients... I'm glad that she loves fruit and veg and her interest in fish has returned - Thank God!

    I love these posts :)

    Sophie xo

  8. So very glad you're enjoying them :)

  9. My 3 and 5 year old boys have been eating oatmeal every morning for the last 4 months straight. Then, they have some fruit, usually blueberries, pear or strawberries. Here in Australia, fruit is a bit more expensive than back home in St. Louis, but I know what you mean about feeling good paying a bit more. Its totally worth it to have as much fruit around as they want - and that's a lot of fruit.
    I just found your blog. Like it a lot!

  10. Love these posts! Plum has become so tough to feed lately that I'm a bit stuck on what new foods to introduce; Sofia's plates bring lots of inspiration, thanks for that, friend!

  11. Hi! I'm a new reader (sorry, I forget how I got here). I love these kind of posts, as they give me inspiration and ideas for foods to offer my girl. She's a great eater, noms tofu and bok choi like a boss, but I do find that I get stuck in ruts of feeding her the same things each week. So. Great! I'm filing away that meatball idea.


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