travel : arrowhead lake

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another beautiful piece of nature hidden in this great state we live in.

Erick, Sofia and I all headed south to Arrowhead Lake to get started on a shoot for an upcoming project. We ended up cutting our time much too short because of an overtired toddler fighting a courageous battle with her brand-new set of molar teeth.  As soon as we saw the first sign of inconsolable tears, we both knew it was best if we just saved this session as "to be continued."

Such is the life of a parent sometimes, no?

We'll be back.

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  1. I love this photo. Has anyone ever told you that you have fantastic hair? :)

    1. Ha! Thank you, it's quite a lot to manage sometimes but I'm just thankful it's growing back.
      (I cut all of it off when I was pregnant with my daughter... blame it on the hormones?) ;)

  2. What a view! And sorry to hear about Sofia. May her teeth come in quickly and painless as possible : )

  3. what a great shot! your poor teething baby girl :(
    hopefully you can finish the shoot soon!

  4. I know that situation well : (
    But such a beautiful photo, worthy of all teething pains! xx

  5. Love this photo of you! You're so pretty!!

  6. love this.

    i need to learn to shoot film. come down to LA and teach me the ropes ;)