autumn, a time for harvest

by - Thursday, November 08, 2012

"The beauty of life is to experience yourself" -- on my Yogi tea 

Realizing how each individual season impacts my day-to-day, I'm starting a recurring column based on this book and all of its lovely pieces of wisdom.  If you've never heard of it, I highly suggest picking up a copy.  It talks of happiness, not in the usual way of perfecting an "emotion", but rather explores the individual seasons and their deeper meanings, putting us back in sync with our own cycles.

On to autumn.

Each season carries it's own reminder, or meaning-- a lesson we must heed to accrue the greatest wisdom they bring.  Autumn, a time for harvest.  This is when I begin to inventory and plan, counting my blessings I've reaped over the summer and diligently preparing for the depths of winter.  Our family has slowly transitioned to staying indoors more, preparing our home for the holidays and deeply cleaning every last spot we can find.  It's rejuvenating, though tiring.  I keep reminding myself it will be worth it... my creativity always spikes when I'm in a clean and polished environment.

I admit, Erick and I have never been the best at being prepared.  This season has served as my reminder to inventory, to plan ahead: we may not get another chance as the snow falls to run out to the store for that extra carton of eggs, or gallon of milk.  We may not have another opportunity to purchase those last presents before Christmas.  And most importantly, I am reminded to count my blessings.  It seems simple enough, to say a little prayer before bed or remember to thank the ones that have impacted your life, but the feeling of gratitude is really much stronger than it's ever been.

Tell me, what does harvesting mean to you?

Do you find the seasons teaching you something new about yourself?

I'm curious.

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  1. this is BEYOND gorgeous. i haven't thought about it before, but harvesting has taught me that you reap what you sow. in other words, what you start will finish itself. i remember when my sister was getting older and i said "no! stop, joy! you're a baby. be a baby." and she's been 'goo goo' and 'ga ga'ing for years, even though she's 7yrs old. don't worry, it's not permanent. she just plays. really, though, i like this. this autumn, i've harvested the fact that september can be a new beginning even though the actual year is almost over.

    your photos are beautiful. love.

  2. I see each season as a cycle in my life... there's usually points or milestones in each season whether it be growth or otherwise but it happens all the same. Autumn always leaves me feeling grateful for everyone in my life. It feels so appropriate to gather around ones you love as you head into a cold season - that love totally sustains you until Spring.

  3. The harvest reminds me that all things must come to an end. It's a bittersweet reminder but, an hopeful feeling that new things will begin too : )

  4. I just popped off to purchase what sounds like a beautiful book. Thank-you so much for sharing. As we the weather here in Australia is beginning to warm up we are preparing for Summer. So as you are settling down, drawing indoors, beginning a hibernation of sorts....we are throwing open doors and windows to let every whisper of fresh Spring air in, gulping down breakfast to get outside before the sun's sting becomes too fierce and eating the first mangoes, peaches and nectarines of the season. It is a time of abandon and I adore it! WIshing you the most lovely of Autumn days.
    Steph :) x

  5. I love that Autumn also means - or feels to me - like it is also harvest.

    Have a beautiful weekend,

    Nina x

  6. Yes to all of this. Yes to what Abby said about love sustaining you through winter. YES.

    It's funny, autumn has always felt like the year is beginning instead of drawing to an end (probably a back-to-school habit that has yet to fade.) After the long, muggy days of summer, the harvest season is so refreshing. The air is crisp and full of new smells, my spirit always feels renewed, and I'm always more willing to tackle big projects before hunkering down for winter.

  7. I love what abbyblujay said."to gather around ones you love as you head into a cold season - that love totally sustains you until Spring." That's part of what I adore about this season. It also feels like a fresh start to me - like I'm loosing the heaviness that summer brings and preparing for a season to rebuild. The crisp air brings hope

  8. i adore these photos. so simple and beautiful.

  9. I always find I hate my wardrobe at each big change of season ... how ever so superficial of me! But I love a change of season - it always seems to come just at the right time. Kellie xx
    PS I adore Autumn.