Thursday, October 25, 2012

treading sand in autumn

We were waiting for this day.

The rare occurrence of warm weather struggling to stay around just a bit longer.  As the breath of the late, autumn wind touched our skin, I was instantly reminded of our summer: icy pops, trips to the beach, sand in our hair, bare tanned feet.  So many wonderful memories were made, adventures taken, and time spent in complete and utter relaxation.

The beach in autumn is a silent beach, an empty beach.

Frankly, it's one that I don't mind at all- often better than the busy, sticky original.  We ran with full force into the sand, which was a cool in contrast to the warmth of the day.  Thinking Sofia would surely be frightened after we learned that the new tactile sensation of sand didn't sit too well over the summer, but to both Erick and I's surprise, she loved it.  I am relieved.

Thank you again, friends for your warm words and welcomes over on Facebook.
It means the world, truly.



  1. great photos-I miss playing in the sand.

  2. Oh my goodness. So cute. Please tell me Sofia is wearing jeggings! Manny and I went to the lake today for a sunset run/walk. People are definitely trying to take advantage of the last warm days of the year, but there's something about the beach on days like today. There were plenty of people out exercising but it was completely silent and the lake was calm. I hope we can remember this feeling in December: )

  3. oh we loved that random warm day too!

  4. So glad you still have some warm weather to enjoy! The first picture is my favorite and the last one cracks me up. It doesn't look very comfortable. :)

  5. She's adorabubble! I love your words and gorgeous images too. x


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