Saturday, October 27, 2012

the simple days

We don't usually plan for extravagance.  In fact, it's usually the opposite.

We have visited the same exact restaurant for brunch countless times over, at least switching up our orders every now and again.  The park she favors is also one you've seen in most every "playdate" photo, not too far from brunch and always crowded with kids.  We like simple, here.  Some days are nearly identical, but each with their own unique twist... we've grown comfortable in our dynamic together as a family, and it's such a great feeling.  As little ones change and grow, (and my so quickly!) life with a baby has become life with a toddler: fast paced, challenging, but more fun than Erick and I have ever had.  We are living and loving each day as it comes, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Today, Nina and I are taking the girls on a fun Halloween excursion.  Sofia was thrilled when she saw her Yo Gabba Gabba costume-- and I have to admit, she looks mighty cute as a furry, striped green monster! :)

Do any of you have plans for your littles over the Halloween weekend?



  1. this is lovely! i think one of your best posts yet.

  2. Such a lovely post! I'm in love with that first picture of Sofia on the slide! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. wow. how lovely. your photos speaks for themselves. great photography skill.

    Blog: Oh it's Juno

  4. I love that everything on the table is *just out of Sofia's reach. :) I can't wait to see photos of the Gabba Gabba costume! It sounds adorable! I still haven't gotten or made a costume (ahh!) I really hope to take Olive to a few houses tomorrow night if time allows. We're officially moving this week so things may be kind of hectic.

  5. Carrie, I'm glad you noticed that! We had to push everything to the edge ;)
    Can't wait to see Olive tomorrow if you end up pulling something together last minute!


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