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by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I've never been so proud of my husband.  All of the long nights, the hard work, the days off he's spent shooting instead of at home, they've all lead up to this moment.

Erick has been tediously finishing up the last few pieces of his personal project, Created By Us, and now here it is birthed into the internet world.  I couldn't be happier for him! It's such a relief to finally release to the world something you've been working on. The basis of this project was Erick's video interviews with lesser-known creatives from Chicago, and hopefully reaching out to those all over the world. First up in the series is the extremely talented Stacey, the one-woman show of Steracle Press.

Please join me in giving Erick the warm welcome he's worked so hard for.  You can follow along the Created By Us blog right here, and watch updates to the Yum Yum Studios here.

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  1. this is a wonderful idea. love the video and the story behind it. it's so true, there are "little people" doing what we love all over. this is great. props!

  2. love this, perfect perfect perfect. i especially love what she said about the digital age, and how we are so drawn to things hand made, that resonates with me greatly

  3. Love this! I'm looking forward to following along.

  4. Congrats on this wonderful new venture! Love the video. :)

  5. THIS WAS AWESAAAAAM!!!!!!!! my excitement cannot be contained.

    also i need to find her... and meet her... and shake her hand. she is amazing.

  6. This is great, love it! So many congrats on the launch, and best of wishes in it. Yay!!