Saturday, September 15, 2012

remembering now: park playtime edition

The remembering now project, 2012.

Catch the rest of the series here.

For as long as I can remember, I've been only shooting one or two photos for this series. I'm strongly compelled this week, however, to show much more. We went to the park just muma and daughter this past Friday and  while it was a bit unusual being without our normal playdate, it seems lately we've been spending a lot of quality time together, just her and I. The bond Sofia and I share at this stage in her life is stronger than it's ever been. I remember back to the teary weaning days, when I thought the unexpected end to our breastfeeding journey would push us further apart- how very wrong I was. Things are so amazing right now, sometimes it's even hard to put into words... the biggest change has been actually hearing her say my name as "muma". For a full year, I was "baba," or "bama," but never an arms-outstretched-I-need-you "muma". What an incredible difference a four letter word can make sometimes, right? I really can't put it into words.

I am blessed.



  1. she is seriously adorable. i love these.

  2. She is such a doll! Her pony tail is awesome. I agree, hearing "muma" (or mummmm, or mamamamama) :) makes such a huge difference - every single day.

  3. hoooooooooooow sweet...i can't take it!!

    what a good little climber you got there;)

  4. that black and white one of her little eyes and nose and pony tail sticking up, so cute! talk about death by adorable!


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