kellie and jeff: married

by - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

As I look back on these photos, I see joy in its purest and most natural form.

With the perfect canvas of blue skies and deep, lush greens of her grandfather's backyard, this wedding was simple and beautiful without trying.  Kellie and Jeff read their vows quietly, with tears brimming from both of their eyes at what was the most personal, and heartwarming ceremony I've ever been to.  After the sun started to set, friends from all over began to dance and I pulled myself away to a distance just to take it all in.  It was in moments like these that I caught a glimpse of the way Jeff would look at his new bride, almost like he was falling in love all over again.

Sigh.  How absolutely magical to see.

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  1. They are beautiful, makes me want to get married.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. And I cried looking at the ceremony section, it's so evident that they have an incredible network of love around them. Great job, Kate!

  3. Thanks, all. It truly was a beautiful day. One of the most fun weddings I've shot, hands down!

  4. amazing job, Kate! the images are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful. I love the portrait of the grandfather.