Thursday, September 20, 2012

in the city: publican quality meats

A craving for sandwiches instead of brunch, this weekend we ventured to a spot in the heart of the industrialized, hip party of the city.

Publican Quality Meats is a sister company of one of our favorites for a gorgeous dinner, The Publican. Specializing in charcuterie, pastries, sandwiches, and boasting an ever changing menu, PQM is the perfect casual dining experience.  One of my favorite features was the upscale grocery market featured on the inside of the restaurant.  All the meats used in your meal you can order to-go straight from the butcher-- still kicking myself over not bringing some thick cut bacon home for breakfast.  Ah, next time!

I've been thinking lately of compiling all of these places we've visited in the city to make it easier to research and find... definitely an upcoming organizational project I've been working on in terms of the blog.  I hope to have a more steady flow of columns here, after a year of writing, loving, and tending to this blog, I've realized how incredibly important it is to me.

This is going to be the best year yet.



  1. I think that's a great idea! I'd love to have access to a list of these places you've written about. Josh and I spent our honeymoon in chicago and have been talking about visiting again - someday. It would be awesome to know where to go for brunch and such instead of resorting to chains and tourist stops like Ditka's Steakhouse ;)

  2. You had me at coke in a bottle.

    I'm always a sucker for blog columns, so obviously I love your idea of compiling a list of Chicago eats. You could even organize them by cafe, deli, breakfast, etc.

    Chris and I visit every couple of months, but always end up eating at our tried and true favorites (like the Cozy Noodle... have you guys ever been there? So good.)

  3. An idea I have, that I don't think exists, even though there is Yelp--but would be to gather the greatest, trendiest, tastiest, most unique amazing spots to visit in each city including restaurants, coffeehouses, museums, parks, dog parks, etc...and have it be a very simple website that you can search each city and have it be simple to read there anything like this!? haha



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