a positive outlook

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(Photos from our quick trip downtown in the city)

Life has been so good to us lately, blessing us in the most unexpected of ways.  As we approach the turn of the season I've finally had some much needed time to reflect, rest, and generally just tidy up.  I find that taking the time every few months to purge unnecessary items does our household (and my heart) good.  It hasn't been an easy process, often learning to say "no" to negative people and instead surrounding myself with those that constantly push and inspire me.  Too much time in the past has been spent wishing for things, or wondering why opportunities didn't just fall on my lap.  It's been such a refreshing change realizing that we make our own opportunities; if you don't quite have what you want yet, make it happen.  You'll never receive anything without asking.  You'll never grow if you don't take risks and throw yourself head first out to the world.

however mean your life is, meet it and live it: do not shun it and call it hard names.
- henry david thoreau

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  1. Great post. I needed to hear that. And the first picture is awesome. Love it.

  2. yes. amen. and that first photo? gosh. so beautiful.

  3. sounds like such good soul work kate, really beautiful. everything is such a refining process, and it's never easy, it hurts. weeding out negative people, weeding out material things etc...so necessary to do this and keep our souls in check. and as painful as life can be when things don't seem to happen for whatever reason, or if they can't happen---we know we can still find something beautiful in that darkness, and we can, like you said, make certain choices.

    xo (wow, i rambled)

  4. I like this post a lot, especially the quote from thoreau

  5. @ginanorma - I quite like when you ramble ;) Thank you for your story, it's so true. We can always make those choices.

    @kirstin anne - Thank you xx