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We ate veggie tempura, pad thai, and waited in the hot sun for the bands to start.  Little did we know that moments later, the gates would be rushed by thousands of kids breaking their way into the event.  It was promptly cancelled due to a safety issue, so unfortunately we didn't spend as much time there as we'd hoped, but the day was interesting to say the least... and we spent it together.

Scenes from the Mad Decent Block Party in Chicago, from Erick


As you can see, spoons are for combing your hair, slobbering on, tapping Papa on the shoulder with, and especially making noises on the table. Trust me when I say that there is never a dull moment eating brunch with the De La Rosa's.  We can't be beat!

Erick, Sofia and I had a delicious meal over the weekend: black bean cakes with chorizo and eggs for him, and dandelion root and leek omelette for me.  Sofia had bites of both, plus her own bowl of fruit and scrambled eggs.  The weekend was unusually warm, all of us spending most of the day trying not to break a sweat.

Pictured above:
M.Henry's gorgeous outdoor patio.  If you've never been, definitely give this spot a look. (And from what I hear, their Sunday brunch menu is even better then what we had!)


I'm quite fond of this Thursday tradition of getting the two babies together.  It is so amazing to me to see how much they love each other already: sharing bottles, never napping, giving kisses, and keeping Nina and I on our toes.  Happy weekend to everyone... I've got more editing on the agenda, with maybe a quick break for brunch. :)

PS- do any of you remember this video?  Ah, my heart!


There have been so many things running through my head as of late, and even more I haven't shared yet in this space.  I have found myself busier than I expected this summer, and while this is wonderful and nothing to complain about, I am definitely running to keep up with the pace of the days.  Recently my strides have fallen short, and my mind and body keep relentlessly reminding me:  I'm tired.

I've heard from some of you that you miss the writing and the day to day normality of our lives being shared.  This is me, here, present fully... to catch you up on all things De La Rosa.  If you're new to the blog, our summer kicked off with these landmark events: our first year wedding anniversary and Sofia celebrating her first year of life.  I accepted a new position (which I love) at my job. We have taken quite a few trips.  I've continued to document our life's little moments.  Probably most noticably, I've launched myself back into freelance photography.  A…


The remembering now project, 2012.

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Sofia isn't the best at blowing bubbles by herself, but sure does have a (hilariously) good time trying.
PS- more from where this came from soon!


The remembering now project, 2012.

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Oh, those big puppy dog eyes. They'll be coaxing me into whatever she wants for years and years.  
It's almost time to give that wispy hair a trim, too!


We recently took a trip to the magnificent mile like proper Chicago tourists, and this is what it looked like from mine and his perspective.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Erick and I will be heading over to catch some coverage of the Mad Decent Block Party and then it's back to editing these final weddings and sending them out to the happy couples.  I've heard from some of you that you miss hearing about daily life here.  I promise you I'll be making more of an effort to catch you up on what happens on the daily grind soon, even if it really isn't that interesting.  I've had a lot of things on my mind lately that might be beneficial to share here in this space.  Who knows?

Off to enjoy the day, you should do the same.


I love the way light speckles across our front porch in the evening.

Just as it hits about six or seven at night and the sun slowly begins to make its decent across the sky, we take a few minutes to sit and enjoy the last of the heavy, summer air.  It won't be much longer until our late evenings begin to be lit up by moonlight instead of the sun; the days are much shorter then.  It's still fascinating to me how new things are to Sofia now that she can walk on her own.  Even the sidewalk in front of our house must seem like an infinite road into the glistening golden light-- I want to keep as much of that magic alive as I can.


The remembering now project, 2012. 

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Sofia is 14 months old now and I'm having the most fun watching her bubbly personality
turn completely and utterly goofy as she grows. She plays tricks on people like her Papa,
and shares the same exact laugh as her Mama.