Thursday, July 05, 2012


Things have been quiet around the house lately, we are taking our time in the morning and enjoying the shelter of the apartment as temperatures break the hundreds throughout the area.  Our calm looks like early morning light peeking through the doorway, a kettle of water boiling, a quick snack.  I will be returning to work after a mini-vacation for the first time tomorrow, then launching full force into shooting the wedding of a beautiful couple on Saturday.

- - - - -
this song brings back recent EF memories
i've been meaning to take a trip like carissa
so much excitement for this new magazine



  1. Your sweetest Sofia. Whenever I see photos of her I can't help but think about how my daughter was just there. It helps me burn those fleeting memories into my mind for just a bit longer. She's such a beautiful and bright baby.

    I love hearing new music! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh heyo, our aquarium trip is famous now.

    But in all seriousness, you should take Sofia to an aquarium! She would LOVE it - especially the "nemo's" ha.

  3. Oh how was your vacation hon? I hope there are pictures:)
    And by now the wedding you shot is over, I hope it went well...maybe rest on sunday?

    loved the sweetness in this post..;)

  4. She is so amazingly beautiful.
    I hope you had a wonderful time shooting the wedding.x

  5. THank you all so much, we had a great time doing the wedding. It was a long day but we're excited to start going through all the photos!


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