Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love that summer nights are often spent outside.

We grill as much as we can, and invite friends and family over to share in conversation.  One of my goals before summer's end is to find a small charcoal grill and bring it with me to the waterside.  I'm not very good at cooking out of my element or on a whim, but something about an early morning, secluded beach just sounds so magical.  It's hard to think that we only have a few months of this beautiful weather left, but we're enjoying it while we can!

What are some of your summer plans?



  1. I love to BBQ too on our deck and invite my daughters friends over, my favorite thing to do is hang out with these teenagers. some of them don't have the best support from their parents, so I like to really pay attention to them.
    We also have game nights too!

    I have been going to the beach more than usual--it was one of my goals this summer, it feels so good on my body, I like to lay there and write lists:o

    I also want to go to the State Fair this year, I haven't gone in years!

    Oh I'm also going to Milwaukee next weekend for 4 days for Italian Fest!!!

  2. Yes please! We actually grill all year round because we live grilled food so much :) but it happens double time in the summer, and we do a lot of campfire cooking with friends, too. Oh summer.

  3. Here in the UK we've had the 'wettest summer on record'. So needless to say it's been very disappointing. I'm jealous of your al fresco dining. And if we had the weather I would definitely love to do some beach cooking early in the morning or late into dusk. Lovely idea!


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