Thursday, July 05, 2012


Like a million, fast moving clips this weekend went by like a time-lapse in our heads.

Perfect and blissful moments slipped through our fingers faster than we ever imagined they could, we continue living and carrying on the spirit that lives in these festivals with us until we return next year.

Life is normal again.

Together over the weekend, we sweat more than we ever expected to.  Usually it's not that hot in Michigan this time of year, but these days it was sweltering.  Almost to the point of frustration and exhaustion, we helped each other survive the heat.  On Friday morning, we were even able to take a short trip to the waterpark on site-  so much fun!

Showers were somewhat nonexistent.  We made do with the baby wipes we brought, but at some point we got creative and I stood on top of my car with a gallon of water and poured it over Erick as he washed his hair.  It was hot, you guys.

We ran around most of the day trying to catch all of the musicians we wanted to see, while still making time to check out the countless art exhibitions and strange surprises speckled across the festival grounds.  When the harsh sun of the day began to cool, the sky would darken and the forest would come alive with a crazy display of lights, sounds, and interactive fun.
Out of all the shows we saw, my favorite was definitely Girl Talk.  We scurried over as quick as we could, and got a great spot in return.  As soon as he came on stage people went NUTS.  (Myself included.)  I don't think I've ever acted so crazy at a show, it was pure BLISS!  Toilet paper, balloons, glitter, confetti- you name it, he threw it into the crowd.  If I could be transported back in time to dance a little more to those songs I would in a heartbeat.  

But besides the music, the art, or the green activist movement, my favorite part about this festival is the community.  Regardless of who would play, I would go every year just because I know I have the opportunity to reset and renew my spirit, realize that it shouldn't just be this one weekend out of the year that I "live the life you love," it should be every day.  Why not?

PS- video coming soon!



  1. Sounds like you guys had so much fun! I am loving all the awesome pictures, that third to last picture of you is amazing! Cant wait for the video!

  2. Wow. This looks like a dream. Love the photos and love your black and white striped leggings!

  3. @Jennifer - We totally did, thank you so much! I'm anxious to put it up!
    @Rossie - Thank you! I was worried I wouldn't get them in time for the festival, but they arrived on my doorstep the day we had to leave! If I didn't look so much like a mime, I might wear them everyday! They're comfortable haha.

  4. I love that photo of you in front of the ferris wheel. Its great to hear that you had fun in spite of the heat. I can imagine how great a shower must have felt!

  5. Here are some! You so tell a story Kate, and I adore that about you.
    Where in MI were/are you? MY hubby is from Detroit..we are in St.Paul Mn, he moved here for a job and met me, and stay;) and you are right, the weather has been crazy, icky hot--i hope we get a cool break soon;)


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