Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Scent can trigger powerful memories.

I can still envision the smells of each of my grandparent's homes; my dad's side was of worn leather and zest soap.  My mom's side was distinctly of mahogany, cigarette smoke, and a home cooked meal on the stove.

Today was our day to tidy up, to deep clean, to wash the floors, scrub down the garbage cans, wipe down the countertops, but most importantly- fill the apartment with a scent that's all our own.  Paired with whole cloves, sticks of cinnamon, and a bit of allspice, I took some halved lemons and simmered them slowly in a pot for a few hours with no immediate need other than to have the warm aroma permeate throughout this home.

Our home.

Sofia will probably have her own memories of her grandparents homes, just like I did.  I can always go back, and sometimes the faintest smell of lingering cigarette smoke will hurt my heart- I miss my grandparents so.  Memories are a very powerful thing, and everyday I try to capture what I can, while still looking forward to everything that's yet to come.



  1. How wonderful!
    I never realized that my parents home had a smell until recently. Whenever I go back to visit I soak up the smell of pine trees, damp earth, and wild sage.

  2. Damp earth and sage sounds heavenly! It's funny, I never noticed a smell at my parents either, especially while I was younger.

  3. Scent is so powerful isn't it! I adore this idea of just creating a comforting scent in your home.


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