Saturday, July 14, 2012


Thanks to the inside scoop from a good friend of mine, we were able to stop by a brand new coffee roaster in the Lakeview neighborhood today. Bow Truss is rustic, spacious, and simple- all of its decor reminds me of a snowy, vintage ski resort up in Vermont.  A strange, but welcome feeling in comparison to this Chicago summer.

The prices are out of this world, nothing on their limited menu creeps higher than $3.  With an Intelligentsia across the street, they are definitely going to give them a run for their money.  I spent a good ten minutes chatting with whoever was working today, and unfortunately never caught his name, but I was thrilled at how genuinely interested he was in having sharing a conversation.  We talked about the launch, and he kindly gave me more information on their different roasts and how quickly the Bow Truss concept became a reality.

I love this place.

My only complaint is that I don't live close enough!  Just shy of ten days old, we wish this little roaster nothing but future success as they grow. Definitely swing by if you're in the area, you won't be disappointed.

. . . . . 
bow truss coffee roasters
2934 n broadway
chicago, il 60657
neighborhood, lakeview



  1. Oh it looks so cool here! I really need to go to the city soon and experience all these wonderful places you keep talking about!

  2. It's definitely awesome. You do need to come up to Chicago! I still have yet to go back to the farmer's market in Lincoln Park, we should plan on a Saturday or Wednesday sometime. :)

  3. What a great little place... I love their logo and the atmosphere. Maybe next time I come up for a visit we can go here! (if it's not too far, that is.)

  4. Kate, we should! That would be so fun :) Saturday's are better for us!

  5. gosh...what a charming looking place and captured so beautifully. i love the thank you on the coffee cup. xo

  6. Kate! I just found your blog and Im so excited to start reading ! I live here in the city too, and my husband and I just visited BowTruss last weekend as well. Maybe Ill see you at a farmers market or cafe, ill be keeping my creepy eyes open!

  7. Kirsten Anne meet Kate, Kate meet Kirsten! :) (she is the awesome and beautiful nanny that I mentioned to you before, Kate) (Kirsten, this is the awesome and beautiful photographer that I mentioned may need a nanny)
    I'm so happy you found each other on your own ;)

    Kate, I love these posts, I almost feel like I've gotten to visit the city and see it myself. Chicago is so full of awesome places like this. I really wish it was cheaper to visit.

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Katherine- we should definitely visit here. It's not too far at all!
    Veronica- thank you!
    Kirstin- haha yes, we probably already ran into each other and didn't even know it!
    Carrie- no way! I'm so glad you like these posts, I get asked a lot what's cool or fun to do in the city so hopefully these serve as a good reminder for anyone traveling out this way. It is so expensive, though. We want to go to Florida so badly!


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