Tuesday, June 05, 2012



Over this past weekend we had a celebration for you and somehow, you have managed to speed through this first year of life faster than I ever imagined.  Your Papa and I planned a backyard party where we invited all of your friends and family to come over and eat and laugh and play.  I had absolutely no idea how much work actually goes into planning a party-- especially one at your own place!  We were definitely worried that we wouldn't have enough space, but thankfully we were able to make it work (and most certainly not without the help of our "village" like both of your amazing sets of grandparents).  Both me and your Papa were running around all day making sure every last detail was tended to, and now looking back on these photos, I think we did a pretty good job!  There are lots of people out there that think planning a party like this is silly because if you're only one, you don't remember anything.  I'd like to tell those people otherwise!  I could tell even by the look of pure joy on your face that, even if you didn't fully comprehend what was going on, I knew you knew this day was special.  Watching you play on the grass with your best baby friends and take a swing at your birthday piƱata was magical, and the fact that not once did you cry, and you stayed up well past your bedtime without any naps in-between shows just how much of a little social butterfly you are.  Through everything, the highlight of our day was lighting the candle of your giant cupcake and hearing all of your wonderful guests singing happy birthday to you.  I'll even let you in on a little secret:  your Papa and I couldn't even finish singing because we both started to cry.  You'll probably get a good laugh over this when you're older!  I feel so thankful and blessed to have such a strong community of love and support like all of your friends and family that came to help, to celebrate, to grab the camera and take some photos for me, or even just to stop by and say hello.  You are one special little girl, Sofia.  We are so lucky to be your parents, and wish you many more happy birthdays just like this.  We love you to the moon and back.

Love, Bama and Papa



  1. Ummm why weren't we invited?


    You guys all look fantastic! And happy birthday again, little miss one years old (oh my gosh, now I'M gonna cry)!

  2. @Carissa - I only wish you lived closer!! I'm still begging Erick for a Florida trip! ;)

  3. You planned an awesome party! Did you make that adorable cupcake? And all the decorations! I'm so happy for you, and your family. Sofia is just as lucky to have you and your husband as parents.

    The love and support that come from family and friends around milestones like this is amazing. It is overwhelming at times.

    I adore Sofia's outfit and yours! Your skirt is so pretty!
    Enjoy all. the. toys! :)

  4. Aw super fun! Love the confetti stuff on the balloons - is it from Confetti system of did you make it yourself? Also, you look mighty pretty!

  5. Oh happy birthday to that sweet dolly! Look at that huge cupcake, I love it! Where did you find those huge balloons? I'm trying to gather party ideas for my daughter's 18th birthday :o

    Great great pics, they really tell the story:)

  6. Hey there! The confetti streamers on the balloons was a DIY project I whipped up last minute- its tissue paper! The balloons themselves are 36" rounds that I ordered from shopsweetlulu.com. Giant cupcake was another DIY using a cake pan and Joy The Baker's amazing bundt cake recipe. Hope this helps! xx

  7. AWWW Happy Birthday Sofia!!! what a gorgeous party, you pulled it off really well, yay!

  8. I love this post so much! These pictures are beautiful and Sofia is so adorable! It looks like you did such an amazing job putting together Sofia's birthday party! I bet she will love looking through these pictures when she gets older!

  9. Oh this makes my heart happy! The pink and gold, Sof with her cake, Sof with her presents, Sof with the pinata/candy... It looks like you all had such a wonderful day with lots of love.

    (and how sweet to see Justina with her baby!)

  10. those balloons are so legit!

  11. so gorgeous kate! you are so right about the effort that goes into a party.. I usually collapse in a heap afterward! and what about you two, tearing up after the cake :) this parenting gig is just too bloody emotional sometimes! sofia looks like she had a wonderful time, happy birthday little one! x


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