Friday, June 08, 2012


Getting Sofia together with Violet has become a regular Thursday activity!

We took the girls in the backyard to play with Sofia's new water table (thanks Tio Luis and Tia Maribel!) and they had serious amounts of fun.  Though, we do have to find a way to keep plug that drains the water glued in there because it became a fan favorite among the girls to drain the table and suck on the plug.  Haaah.

Oh, babies.



  1. I love Babies in swimsuits! Violet's hat is super cute.
    It's also great to see your website up! Congratulations, it looks great!

  2. Thanks Carucks! I'm using a company to help build it so it's not as custom as I want yet... But it serves as a decent placeholder until erick and I finally get time to hash out this widescreen one thinkIng of. And I'm not sure about the type yet either... Debating on hand drawn like DASJ or not? Ugh. See this is why I couldn't even put up this portfolio site for so long! Haaa

  3. Baby swimsuits!! Baby sunhats!! Just when I thought your blog couldn't get any cuter....

  4. oh my, baby bathers are THE cutest!! especially sofia's. beautiful snaps, I can feel the happiness x

  5. awwh how cute are they in those swimmers & hats.

  6. I wish I could snuggle her! I have to go and see if you are a photographer, your gift is exquisite!

  7. looks like a beautiful day, those 2 little girl are having real fun!


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