by - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have you ever decided to be a tourist in your own town?  Today, that is exactly what we did.

Erick, Sofia and I ventured out amongst the heat to the sweaty and overcrowded Millennium Park downtown in the city to show our daughter The Bean, the spitting fountain, the crazy cab drivers and painted sidewalks on State Street for the very first time.  

She loved it.

I actually ended up taking her running through the water for most of the day, and was most definitely not prepared for the consequences of my fully-dressed self.  While Sofia was able to lose her shirt and dry off for a few minutes, mama could not.  Not that I think it would have been appropriate in front of all the children, but wow, was that an uncomfortable walk back to the car!  I am so very lucky that Erick was able to capture a majority of these shots while I was busy discreetly trying to wring out bits and pieces of my drenched clothing.  Haaa.  We are quite the duo, aren't we?

The look of pure, unadulterated joy on this child's face anytime she is near the water is astounding to me.  I floated quietly in a pool the night before she was born, and we have (and still do) take many bubble baths together.  Her fascination with the world around her, the ability to make new friends wherever she goes, and the little squeals and shrieks in delight are priceless things that I don't ever think I could forget.

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  1. How wonderful is it to see them interact with water, Have been in same situation I had to walk home soaking wet.

  2. Amazing pictures! I think my little water baby would very much enjoy those fountains too : )

  3. oh I just want to squeeze her! this looks like so much fun, I adore little ones' fascination with water, mine were/are all the same as sofia. beautiful photos as always x

  4. Oh no the cuteness is too much!!!!!! I love that shot of her little bloomered butt reaching into the stroller. What a fun family trip.

  5. Thank you all! She really had such a great time, I'll have to start uploading more videos again! ;)

  6. Her shorts and your flower pants are adorable! It's great that you took her through the fountains even though you weren't 'prepared'. Thats when the best memories are made. Also, your sweetheart looks quite dapper in that last photo.

    I've always heard to put a baby or child in water when they are being a grump and it's been good advice for us.

    *man, I really need to find some floral pants :)

  7. How divine. little people + water = the best thing ever! xx

  8. these photos should be in a magazine!