by - Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello, friends!  As of right now we are almost all packed up and will be hitting the road to Michigan in a few short hours.  It seems as if I was dreaming about this day since the night I left the forest in 2009- I left a little piece of my soul there, and now I'm finally coming back "home" to be reunited with the rest of me.  It may sound crazy to some people, but the experience I've had for two years in this magical space is unparalleled.  Erick and I are going together and hope to meet some new friends along the way.  I am armed with all of my hoops, and we plan on documenting this in the most spectacular way.  I know I will have done my job if somehow, just maybe, I can give you all a glimpse of the wonder the woods of Rothbury are, as if you were experiencing it yourselves.

The blog will be pretty quiet until our return on Monday unless we can finagle our way into the Media tent for wifi.  I cannot wait to share stories, photos, and videos with all of you!  We will, however, be taking more of a live-stream of events on Instagram for you to follow along with on the way.  Catch us here:

Kate @mamadela
Erick @eeeedlr

See you soon!

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