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Hello, friends!  As of right now we are almost all packed up and will be hitting the road to Michigan in a few short hours.  It seems as if I was dreaming about this day since the night I left the forest in 2009- I left a little piece of my soul there, and now I'm finally coming back "home" to be reunited with the rest of me.  It may sound crazy to some people, but the experience I've had for two years in this magical space is unparalleled.  Erick and I are going together and hope to meet some new friends along the way.  I am armed with all of my hoops, and we plan on documenting this in the most spectacular way.  I know I will have done my job if somehow, just maybe, I can give you all a glimpse of the wonder the woods of Rothbury are, as if you were experiencing it yourselves.

The blog will be pretty quiet until our return on Monday unless we can finagle our way into the Media tent for wifi.  I cannot wait to share stories, photos, and videos with all of …



A perfectly overcast day with a warm breeze, great music, faraway friends, and a random assortment of picnic food.  Being able to hula hoop with the women I learned with.  Coming together after weeks, months, or even years of being apart.  Laughter.  Nature.  Stories.  Warmth.

Friends, I've missed you.


Hey everyone!  We hope you have a swell weekend, we sure are ready to enjoy a little time off together again.  We're so excited that in less than a week, we'll finally be on the road to Michigan to enjoy music, art, sustainability (and LOTS of hooping) at the Electric Forest Festival.  Until our departure, we'll be busy trying to round up lots of camping supplies and spending as much time with our little before she stays on a 5 day excursion at Grandma's house. ;)

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Have you ever decided to be a tourist in your own town?  Today, that is exactly what we did.
Erick, Sofia and I ventured out amongst the heat to the sweaty and overcrowded Millennium Park downtown in the city to show our daughter The Bean, the spitting fountain, the crazy cab drivers and painted sidewalks on State Street for the very first time.  
She loved it.
I actually ended up taking her running through the water for most of the day, and was most definitely not prepared for the consequences of my fully-dressed self.  While Sofia was able to lose her shirt and dry off for a few minutes, mama could not.  Not that I think it would have been appropriate in front of all the children, but wow, was that an uncomfortable walk back to the car!  I am so very lucky that Erick was able to capture a majority of these shots while I was busy discreetly trying to wring out bits and pieces of my drenched clothing.  Haaa.  We are quite the duo, aren't we?
The look of pure, unadulterated joy on …


The remembering now project, 2012.

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1. Something tells me this little one will always get her way with looks like these.
2. Playing with ALL of the toys-- birthdays sure are great, huh? ;)


I spent the day with a fellow (amazing!) photographer friend of mine that you may remember from the blog, Justina Olenick.  Today I was assisting her in an engagement session with a wonderful couple that just so happened to come out of an area where we both used to live as children.  What a small world!  These were the snaps that I was able to catch on my end while Justina worked her magic.  Though, I'm sure when she's ready I'll have a post to share of hers, as well. ;)

You may notice a lack of eye contact in these, but you know what?

Call me crazy,

I almost like it better that way!

Brooke and Andy are such a sweet, sweet couple.  Even in those first few moments when you all try to break the ice, Brooke would smile as Andy cracked the jokes - definitely an entertaining bunch these two were!  I had such an amazing time, and can't wait for their upcoming nuptials!  I wish them nothing but many more years of happiness together.


I've been seeing a lot of Florida friends boasting some yummy orange pictures and lo and behold, while grocery shopping, I was able to snag a bag of Valencia's!  There is something just so fun about making your own juice, and this is the perfect start to our summer.  Cheers!


The light was pretty awesome driving home from my parent's on Saturday.

Oh, and have I mentioned already how very much in love I am with my husband?  Because I am.  Every day.

This week we have some fun things planned, including an engagement session, a playdate with Violet, most definitely some brunch and maybe even a trip to the market!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to sharing more adventures with you soon. 


(Any photo I'm in, I'm thankful my husband captured)

We have been having a birthday party bonanza lately!  This past Saturday was my littlest sister Georgia's 13th (oh my gosh!) birthday as well as Erick's nephew Andy's 16th birthday!  The little ones are slowly becoming not so little anymore.

It reminds me every day what I'm in for with Sof.

I can already see how much she's grown in a year!  This is what summertime at Grandma's house looked like last year: