by - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Today was beautiful.

There aren't too many things in the world better than an unexpected evening stroll with the one you love.

It's times like these I wished we lived somewhere closer to the heart of the city, a place where we could be outside and not have to worry about the neighborhood.  Where we could be a little closer to nature.  A quick get-away of sorts.

To be fair, it wasn't as perfect as it may seem:  we ended up locking the keys in our car on accident.  Oops!  I'm thankful we didn't let it ruin our night-- though, if you asked Erick, I'm sure he would say I had him worried there for a few minutes. ;)

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  1. So pretty...love that last shot. xx

    I think you should move to Melbourne. Just putting the idea out there;)

  2. Oh, don't even tempt me! I am seriously considering a visit in my lifetime... hopefully sooner than later :))

  3. wednesday walks = best walks.
    why the heck not?!

  4. So beautiful. I want to move over to you!,

  5. Sweet moments for sure (not locking your keys in the car, but the unexpected eve stroll) I agree...

    and your photos once again, I am blown away!

    :) new follower, so happy to find you through Farrah Allen...

  6. These photos are wonderful... I love the color and contrast!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Just yesterday I locked my keys in the car, first time I ever did that!