Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today, I am home.

I find after traveling, it takes a moment to regroup and accustom yourself to your old surroundings.  When Erick and I arrived last afternoon, the first thing Sofia did was shriek!  She waved her arms up and down and paddled through the air back and forth into her Papa's arms and back to my own.  Though she truly does have the best time with her grandparents, it was such a relief to see that she didn't skip a beat in making us feel secure in our vacation plans.  We've missed her so much.  Today we kept things simple and quiet around the house, reading our favorite books on the lawn with a picnic basket full of blocks.  Life right now is quite possibly the best it's ever been, and I most definitely will be making the outdoor story time something that happens more often around here!

Sofia picked out Violet's borrowed shirt from the wash today!
I think someone misses her playdate buddy.



  1. Those little cheeks! Such a cute homecoming story :)

  2. How gorgeous is she ... and what great welcome home!!

  3. I see some pearly whites! It looks she's getting all of her teeth at once. I hope she is handling the teething well. Olive seemed to get all of her front teeth in within what seemed like a week. She was great with natural teething tablets most of the time but occasionally I would have to give her some baby pain medicine.

    She's such a beautiful baby!
    And welcome home!

  4. Kate. This is wonderful. Sometime the simple moments are the most special.


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